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This Artisan Company is a leading boutique paint manufacturer. Proudly a NZ business with a rich heritage in luxury and designer paints through incorporating Taylored Revival and Vintro Paint NZ. We formulate and make all our paints in NZ focusing upon uncompromising quality with complex and richly pigmented formulations. We now have three main ranges being - Premium Chalk Paint, Velvet Luxe and Matte Estate and all of our 67 colours are available.

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Premium Chalk Paint

The Artisan Company proudly releases it new Premium Chalk Paint; built from the ground up to have amazing coverage. No sanding or priming, just open the easy to use formula and enjoy the freedom from our beautifully crafted 67 artisanal colours.

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Artisan Metallic Creme's

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Staalmeester brushes + Artisanal Paints

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High performing & Expertly crafted since 1948
Create textures, paint effects

Premium Chalk Paint

No Sanding, No Priming, Fast dry time, Get it done in a day...


When it adheres to pretty much anything

No Sanding or Priming

Bringing you the best in

Artisanal Products

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"When you have the freedom of rich colours & stunning finishes... The design aspect of an interior space becomes free & creatively bespoke"  -THE ARTISAN COMPANY 

Our Favourite Premium Chalk Paint Colours right now

Dor Greige

We love this gentle neutral, sitting somewhere between grey & beige. A beautiful sophisticated neutral that works well with both cool and warm colours. Stunning on furniture with Premium Chalk Paint but also a great neutral on walls with Matte Estate and even outdoors with Velvet Luxe.

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Clubhouse Grey

We love the sophistication of Clubhouse grey, a beautiful versatile dark grey with stunning depth. We love how deep and rich it gets with Carbon black wax or how light and "concrete like" it gets with Crisp White Wax. On it's own it's a grey that is quite striking and can work in a myriad of interior design styles from classic to contemporary

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Dusky Fields

A lovely dusky mid green that is easy on the eye and easy to work around in an interior spaces as it is, with lashings of dark wax will transform this green into a lovely french style finish, with Carbon Black wax it veers more to grey with an industrial vibe. Pairs beautifully with earthy wood tones and natural woods or textiles, or gold for a bit of luxe

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Metallic Glazes

Turn ordinary into extraordinary

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67 Highly Pigmented, beautifully crafted colours

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Premium Chalk Paint, Velvet Luxe (outdoors), Matte Estate (wall paints)
The Artisan Premium Chalk Paint

No Sanding, No Priming, Just Paint

Designed, Crafted & Made in NZ
Create Your Bespoke Interior Space

67 Crafted Colours
Highly Pigmented
Low in VOC

Crafted colour formulas with complex multi-pigments for colour with life
Furniture & Interior


Customised concepts, hand painted & detailed by NZ Artisans with interior design backgrounds, well reputed and highly regarded as one of NZ's leading decorative painters
Experience the freedom of Bespoke Interiors

Design your space with colours & textures

Explore a Multitude of Decorative Paint Possibilities with Artisanal Paints & Products

A focus on Bruised Petal - Our fav Pink this month


It's going pink without going pink, if you know what we mean . A warm pink with a strong earthy undertone, muted almost to a neutral.  Lifts beautifully with whites and pairs stunningly with Greenery making it an ideal colour for outdoor pots using Velvet Luxe when paired with lush greenery and set against a white backdrop.

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On Furniture

Bruised Petal is a beautiful Dusky pink for decorative painting with Premium Chalk Paint, with dark wax it veers closer to a taupe -pink, and with white wax veers closer to a lighter soft dusky pink. We call it a "grown up neutral pink" it's warm & so super sophisticated and elegant in an interior space

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Spread acrosswalls it will react & respond to light and shadow beautifully from a soft dusky pink to taupe brownish pink. Its warm, earthy, inviting and understated. In daylight and in brighter spaces it will sit more as muted dusky pink, in evenings or in darker spaces will be more of a warm taupe pink. Off set it with crisp white skirting and architraves.

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Artisan Premium Chalk Paint

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Absolutely the best workshop I have ever attended. Dorophya and her husband have a wealth of knowledge that just keeps on giving. This is just the most amazing product ... and it's uses are endless. Nothing is too much for this couple to handle - they are hands on, extremely experienced with the Chalk paint and are more than willing to help and share. Hugely impressed, inspired and excited. Thank you to you all .... absolutely brilliant.

Carol. B

I absolutely loved every second of the chalk paint workshop today, and would highly recommend this to everyone! Have walked away highly inspired, and have just started my first project at home!

Nancy. S

I have the most amazing experience learning how to restore or give life back to some worn overuse furniture. Thank you so much and of course I do recommend to give it a go and you would be amazed of the things you would be able to achieve!

Hely. R

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