Elevating Aesthetics: Bedroom re-designed in Artisan Paints

 Video showing Starling on the walls during the day and at night 

Belinda from Renaissance Studio has truly demonstrated the transformative power of Artisan Paints in this bedroom makeover. The blog post highlights how various finishes and colours from Artisan Paints can turn a plain, neutral room into a luxurious and inviting oasis. Here's a breakdown of the key elements in this beautiful transformation:

Photo: Before photo, large neutral room, we are all familiar with this colour way often found in new builds, or open homes walk throughs, a safe set of neutrals that appeals to the masses. 

  1. Artisan Matte Estate Paint (Color: Starling): Belinda chose Artisan Matte Estate Paint in Starling to paint the bedroom walls. It's noteworthy that she applied the paint directly over the existing wall without extensive prep work, demonstrating the ease of use of Artisan Paints. The matte finish of this paint offers a smooth and luxurious appearance, while the multi-pigmented Artisan color adds depth and dimension to the walls. The fact that it has little to no smell with a fast dry time allowed her to comfortably paint the room even on a rainy day.

  2. Skirting, Doors, and Shutters (Artisan Velvet Luxe Crisp White): To create a beautiful contrast against the dark Starling walls, Belinda used Artisan Velvet Luxe Crisp White for the skirting, doors, and shutters. This choice freshens up the room contrasts, complements & beautifully frames the darker walls in Starling.

  3. Bedroom Furniture (Artisan Premium Chalk Paint): The bedroom furniture received special attention. Belinda painted it using Artisan Premium Chalk Paint in Imperial Linen without any prep work. She  aged it with dark wax then softened that age through a colour wash of Old Chiffon finished off with  clear wax with the details lightly touched with Artisan metallic glides for a subtle shimmer.  

  4. Luxurious Touches: Belinda incorporated luxurious touches to enhance the overall aesthetic. A large mirror on the wall was painted in Artisan Metallics Artemis bronze and aged with Carbon Black wax. This same metallic finish was carried through to the door and wardrobe handles, tying the room's design elements together cohesively.

  5. Variety of Artisan Paint Finishes: This bedroom makeover serves as an excellent showcase of the versatility of Artisan Paints. Belinda used different Artisan Paints &  finishes, from a luxurious matte artisan colour on the walls to the luminosity of Artisan Metallics on the mirror  and decorative finishes in Premium Chalk Paint  on the furniture. It highlights how these paints can be used in various ways to achieve stunning results throughout a room.

 Belinda's bedroom transformation exemplifies how Artisan Paints can elevate a space, adding personality, depth, and dimension. The careful selection of colours and finishes, as well as the creative use of techniques, results in a luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere that truly wows. This blog post serves as a fantastic source of inspiration for anyone looking to rejuvenate their living space with artisanal paints and what it can achieve. Thank you Belinda for inviting us into your space and allowing us to share you beautiful inspiration! x 

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