"Whispers of White: The Style Aesthetics Crafts Serenity with Artisan Crisp White Paint" (with videos)

"Design is not just what it looks like; it's how it makes you feel. A room painted in the purity of Artisan Crisp White creates an oasis of tranquility and timeless elegance, where simplicity speaks volumes and every moment is an invitation to find beauty in simplicity." 

Step into the realm of serenity and sophistication as we share the beautiful transformation brought to life by The Style Aesthetics in Artisan Crisp White. From painting the fireplace in Velvet Luxe Paint to the walls in Matte Estate Wall Paint,  it showcases the transformative power of a well-chosen white hue. Artisan Crisp White not only breathes new life into spaces but does so with an unmatched level of freshness and uplifting charm, sitting beautifully in that signature Artisan luxe matte finish. There are also some extra reels of a coffee table, dining table and stairwell transformation from The Style Aesthetics. A wonderful showcase of how Artisan Paints can be used to transform not just furniture but used to craft, re-design, breath new into a  space. 

In a space entirely immersed in the matte embrace of Crisp White, it's not just the pristine hue that defines the atmosphere. The signature matte finish goes beyond accentuating crispness; it delicately introduces a luxurious softness, transforming the room into a haven that instantly feels like home even in white. Far more than a backdrop, this Artisan matte finish artfully complements the surrounding decor and colour schemes, orchestrating a harmonious balance that radiates a beautiful, luxe, and fresh ambiance throughout the white expanse.

Jules from The Style Aesthetics started this project by first applying Velvet Luxe to her fireplace. This indoor/outdoor paint requires minimal prep, painting is made easier with it's advanced self-levelling properties helping it to dry flawlessly flat and matte every time.

After a bit of time, the previous beige coloured walls surrounding the fireplace was painted over in the same crisp white but this time in Artisan Matte Estate Wall Paint  extending the crisp white from the fireplace out seamlessly onto the walls, encasing and creating a beautiful cohesive crisp white room.





All our neutrals and colours are available across the entire paint range, providing you with a simple way to colour match or block a room when using various Artisan paints, be it Velvet Luxe, Premium Chalk Paint, or Matte Estate. Effortlessly bring your vision to life with our versatile and cohesive palette.

Artisan Paints is designed and crafted with your well-being in mind, being low in VOC's for a healthier indoor environment. What's more, it's virtually odourless, ensuring that the painting process is a pleasant experience. With a quick-drying formula, you can embrace and live within your newly transformed space almost as soon as the paint dries.

Thank you so much to Jules from The Style Aesthetics for such a beautiful showcase of Crisp White in both Matte Estate Wall Paint & Velvet Luxe, we are all swooning over the photos and  just how beautiful this space is in Crisp White! 

"Elevate your living spaces with the timeless elegance of Artisan Crisp White. It's not just about paint; it's about crafting an atmosphere that beautifully blends style and comfort. Explore Artisan paints in redefining your space and embracing the beauty of Artisan Crisp White." 🏡🎨 #HomeTransformation #ArtisanCrispWhite #ElegantSpaces #HealthyLiving

Below are a few extra projects with Artisan Paints from The Styles Aesthetics we'll let the reels speak for themselves :-) 

Coffee Table in Stone Effects Rustic Rye: 

Dining Table Transformation :
Stair Well Transformation:
Special Note: normally we would recommend a couple of coats of Artisan Lacquer over Velvet Luxe for that extra strength for steps but it does just depend on how you use them and whether a pure Velvet Luxe paint finish would be fit for purpose. For Jules she's was happy with strength of Velvet Luxe for this area and to leave it as it was, we touched base with her a few months after the project was finished and she was happy with how they were holding up. We have known customers to do floors in Velvet Luxe in low traffic areas, like bathrooms, hall ways, laundry rooms and leave it without an extra coat of Artisan lacquer and have been very happy with the results and the way they wear, which is a testament to the strength of Velvet Luxe.  Others who prefer to lacquer over the top especially in high traffic areas and with indoor pets.

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