The Inspiring Chic Artistry of Mix Design & Co with Artisan Paints

Photo Cabinet : Painted in Artisan Obsidian Blue Velvet Luxe with gold. Such a clever &  stunning pairing of wall paper and paint colour, transforming an Old glass cabinet into such a bespoke feature piece 

Mix Design & Co based in Hamilton is a place where the magic of furniture transformation with Artisan Paints takes centre stage. The brainchild of Melanie Stewart who has been painting furniture on and off for over two decades, but it wasn't until 2018 that this creative venture truly came to life.

Photo: Bedsides in Artisan Velvet Luxe in Calicut paired with wood tones. Beautiful foresight in transforming orange toned Bedsides into a beautiful soft restful finish that is current. 

Melanie finds painting furniture not just a craft but a fun and rewarding endeavour that nourishes the soul. “ You can’t beat the feeling of seeing the end result of a piece you’ve finished, knowing that you’ve done it! Such a sense of achievement” Melanie operates from home, turning her garage into a haven of creativity, finding pre-loved pieces and adding her style and flair to it with the possibilities of Artisan Paints. Rescuing pieces that might otherwise find their way to landfills, giving them a new lease on life, and allowing them to be cherished for years to come. Artisan Paints play a pivotal role in this sustainability journey, helping Mix Design & Co to breathe fresh life and inject style into furniture, transforming forgotten items into cherished heirlooms in a premium quality finish.

Photo: Glass Cabinet Light and Bright in Wild Tusk Velvet Luxe Paint another clever pairing of Wall Paper and Artisan Paint to create a timeless elegant piece.  

Dabbling with various paint brands over the years, Melanie stumbled upon The Artisan Company brand, particularly the Velvet Luxe line. It was a serendipitous finger injury that led her to explore this paint further, thanks to its reduced prep requirements. “….ever since then I’ve never looked back. Now using Artisan Paints exclusively even after my injury has healed” 

Photo: bedside in Artisan Duck Egg Velvet Luxe, the top colour washed in Potters Clay Premium Chalk Paint then sealed with Matte Lacquer. 

The Artisan Velvet Luxe paint range is cherished for several reasons, with its minimal prep requirements topping the list making the creative process quicker and more accessible. Without the need for  a top coat means that once you have finished painting, you are done, no need to wax or lacquer. Depending on the project at hand, Melanie selects between Artisan Premium Chalk paint for a decorative touch or Artisan Velvet Luxe for a sleek, contemporary finish, which aligns perfectly with her signature style. The Velvet Luxe paint range offers a beautiful finish that requires minimal prep, no additional sealing is required, has advanced self levelling technology  for a smooth luxuriously matte finish that's durable. 

Photo: Table in Carbon Black Velvet Luxe. Transforming something quite dated into something so effortlessly chic.

Quality finishes in Artisan Premium Paints and an unwavering attention to detail define Melanie’s work. With over two decades of experience, her expertise shines through in the pieces she creates and re-designs. Melanie takes pride in her simplicity, preferring not to go overboard unless a client desires it. Her pieces effortlessly blend into various interiors and styles, showcasing her versatility and commitment to timeless elegance and we love her contemporary chic take on furniture.

Photo: Table in Rubbed Sage Velvet Luxe Paint, a clever interpretation and balance of wood tones and paint finish. We love that angles of the legs have been defined further through this interpretation.  

But what truly warms our hearts is witnessing the diverse ways in which our paints are interpreted by creative minds like Mix Design & Co right here in New Zealand. It's a kaleidoscope of imagination and innovation that exemplifies the spirit of creativity thriving in our beautiful country. Knowing that Artisan Paints have the magical ability to inspire people to view the world differently, to see hidden potential in everyday objects, and to embark on creative journeys they may never have considered is a testament to the vibrant artistic community in New Zealand. The way our paints encourage individuals to experiment, express themselves, and breathe life into furniture is nothing short of inspiring. At Artisan Paints, we are not just in the business of paint; we're in the business of fostering creativity and enabling people to explore the limitless horizons of their imagination. We take immense pride in being part of these artistic adventures and look forward to seeing more creative interpretations from Mix Design & Co in the years to come.

Thank you Melanie for allowing us to share your story and  your beautiful, inspiring work with Artisan Paints.

Photo: We all know those bedsides... and what a transformation in Carbon Black Velvet Luxe Paint with new handles

Photo: Set of Drawers in Artisan Calicut Velvet Luxe Paint 

Set of Drawers in Alexis Velvet Luxe paint

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