Plastic Olive Barell turned into decorative stone outdoor pot with artisan paints & products

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We love extreme transformations like this one, an old dirty olive barrell found at a "junk yard" (still with a couple of olives in it)  turned into a bespoke decorative outdoor stone pot. A great example of Artisan paints allowing you to create and  "see things differently"  like unwanted plastic olive barrels into decorative stone pots.  These have been transformed as part of Artisan At Home NZ to sit as feature pots on either side the entrance of a large outdoor deck area. Utilising the large scale of these olive barrels to create something beautifully unique with Artisan paints & products . 

A short Video reel has been created to show you the process and artisanal journey of this bespoke finish that anyone can do with a little no how (no sanding or priming; just go for it) What we want you to take out of it is that whether it's a 1 step finish simply with Artisan Stone Effects or a 2 step finish with Stone Effects and a coloured wash or a 5 step finish with metallics. Decorative painting with Artisan Paints is pretty simple once you get your head around it, it's about providing you with the tools, paints & products to create whatever it is you can imagine for your home quickly, easily and creatively. Once you have the basics principles you can go on to create, add, adjust and stop at whatever point you like as the video below shows. 

For a comprehensive guide to understand Stone Effects click here or watch the Video below for a quick look at how we kept adding and adjusting to the Artisan Stone Effects finish on these olive barrels: 

Products used 

Artisan Stone Effects in Crushed Graphite (for look 1) 
Artisan Stone Effects in Crushed Graphite with a Carbon Black Premium Chalk Paint  wash (for look 2) 

For End Finish: 
Artisan Stone Effects in Crushed Graphite 
Carbon Black Premium Chalk Paint 
Artisan Soft Gold Creme 
Milan Moonshadow
Artisan Gloss Lacquer 

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The Artisan Company is a New Zealand owned and based company focussed upon making and providing the highest quality decorative paints and tools for homes and all types of spaces. Born out of a rich heritage of bespoke furniture and interiors through the merging of Taylored Revival and Vintro Paint NZ and with several decades of experience we are unashamedly focused upon luxury DIY products and in helping people achieve bespoke looks in their interiors. 

As NZ's only bespoke paint manufacturer making our own exclusive formulations including our flagship Premium Chalk Paint we combine technology with our fine tuned natural skills. We use advanced machinery with an exact accuracy measured within less than a ¼ of a ml and use a custom formulation database with complex colours formulated by hand; most of which can't be replicated by machines. Our trademarked FLOWplus® technology further differentiates our range being built in from the ground up and allowing our thick full bodied and highly pigmented paints to mould and flow effortlessly. We are a proud NZ company who promotes and uses local suppliers and products wherever possible. We also aim to have a positive impact on environment through low VOC paints, minimised wastage and smart use of materials.

To provide the best possible experience for our customers we have also curated artisanal tools including the world renowned Staalmeester brushes which work in perfect  unison with our Premium Chalk Paint and otehr ranges with there rich and creamy consistency. From the advanced bristle materials through to the  INOX steel ferrules it all really helps to achieve the best results, and yes brushes do make a big difference to your painting experience and finish.

Aside from our unique range of products, we are also proud of our decades worth of experience in the field of decorative painting and training. Having been recognised locally and overseas for these efforts has also led us to directly train over three thousand people and paint over two thousand bespoke furniture or interior pieces for clients.

Heritage of Taylored Revival

Taylored Revival or TR as it was known by its regulars was a family business started in a garage in East Auckland in 2012. A leading decorative painting studio which undertook thousands of commissions projects over the years and was considered the leading Chalk Paint retailer in the Australasian region. Progressing through the years from a small retail store in Whitford through to a large format 300m2 retail site in Botany. Take a quick look at the history and the prequel to The Artisan Company below.