Artisan Paint colourway inspiration- A good break down

Artisan Paint colourway inspiration- A good break down

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Today we're breaking down this Painted colour way inspiration... the finish created on a super old aged table  with plenty of imperfections panted in Premium Chalk Paints and coloured waxes to work in with the imperfection and to create a story. Drawing upon those imperfections and turning them into  features rather than trying to hide them. Of course the beauty is no sanding or priming being required with Premium Chalk Paint , paint straight over the varnish and in order to get this finish you kinda have to paint messy.... which is doable right?!

Before and After 

Painted in Artisan Toulouse Premium Chalk Paint using a Staalmeester 2020 pro hybrid brush in size 18 for most of the table, size 20 for the table top as well as a 2022 pointed tip for the twist legs and fine bevels, it's important to use the right size brush for your project to avoid unwanted build up and also to  make the whole things a breeze, it can be pretty frustrating when you go into a project and realise you don't have the right size brush.

Style of Painting 
The style of painting; is basically painting messy allowing you to create subtle texture, creating subtle movements in your brushstrokes, this is achieved through holding your brush with light pressure while painting, loading up plenty of paint on your brush  and painting in all directions. Toulouse is a beautiful blue with great coverage, you will want to paint 1-2 coats though, what you are looking for is full coverage. Don't worry to much about your brush strokes either, it's pretty forgiving, as you can sand anything you don't want off once it's dried..... once dry follow with a light sand  on the surface to remove any unwanted textures (any bits that look unnatural, but take care not to sand the Premium Chalk Paint down too smoothly, we need brushtrokes! as you sand the brush strokes will come off like chalk dust. It's a step that works like an eraser :-) 

Once the paintings done you head into the fun stuff....

Mix a strong Dusky Fields coloured wax and  apply over your painted surface, work it in one section at a time. Brush it on over the surface  then lightly wipe back and forth with a clean lint free rag, move onto the next section, repeat the steps until you have waxed your entire piece in Dusky Fields, then go back and darken any bevels or corners with your Dusky Fields wax to create lowlights and shadows. 

image shows Dusky Fields wax over Toulouse Premium Chalk Paint

Second Wax 
Mix an even stronger Liberty coloured wax, (this needs to overpower Dusky Fields) Liberty is much lighter so you will need a stronger paint to wax ratio for it be able to overpower Dusky Fields.  Apply "here and there" to lift and knit your colours together, allowing it to blend in  with Dusky Fields in areas and in other areas stand strongly on it's own. Brush on and lightly wipe back and forth with a clean lint free rag. 

Dark Wax
Very lightly brush your Artisan Dark Wax on to deepen and age all the colours and  wipe back with your lint free rag. In some areas wipe firmly to remove some of the coloured waxes and expose your Toulouse paint work, and/or use steel wool  to pull back and show Toulouse and the  underlying subtle  textures.

You can see areas of Toulouse paint finish by wiping firmly after applying dark wax and through using steel wool. Dusky Fields wax framing the edges and creating a lowlight and shadows with the added warmth and age of Artisan Dark Wax.  

Here you can see parts of Liberty coloured wax mixing in with Dusky Fields coloured wax, the lighter areas is where we have steel wooled to highlight the texture and expose the Toulouse Premium Chalk Paint

Here you can see where Liberty coloured wax stands strongly on its own in selected areas, as with the gold read below....

Detail with Finley Gold - Metallic Glaze, brush on in selected areas only and then lightly steel wool back (steel wood grade 000) to create a subtle shimmer or detail specific lines or bevels. (Metallic Glazes used on top of Artisan Waxes is recommended for rustic finishes,  used for decorative detailing) . For a denser metallic highlight add a touch of soft gold here and there and steel wool back.  If you have some sharp edges you may want to highlight those in  either Vienna Champagne - Artisan Glides or in Forgotten Gold - Glides. 

here you see the edges of the legs detailed in metallic glide, the soft light shimmer of Finley Metallic Glaze, pulled back with steel wool on the raised bulb of the leg, and soft gold dappled here and there (the denser gold) and pulled back with steel wool. 

And there you have it,  a gorgeous Artisan Paint Colourway that works well together for an aged but soft blue finish, plenty of depth and interest and ideal for those imperfect pieces you where you want to add some Artisan colour and life into.  

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