Creating a textured finish with Vintro Chalk Paint™ Dove

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This Video covers: 

Opening your can of highly pigmented Dive Vintro Chalk Paint™ and the method to brush onto furniture for a textured finish. It includes tips on how to manipulate the paint to ensure the best coverage and desired esult.

For a textured finish 

1. Shake your tin really well and then open, stir with a stirring stick (ensure it has a broad edge and does not scratch the tin, Vintro stirrers are great.) Continue stirring for approximately 1 - 2 minutes or until it reaches a creamy consistency.

2. Using ideally a Vintro Pure Bristle brush which will help create controllable texture brush every which way loading your brush up generously from the tin.Always maintain a "wet edge" on the brush on furniture so the paint does not grab.

Finish with Vintro Soft Wax or Coloured Soft Waxes to create depth and aged patine.