How to Mix your Vintro Chalk Paint colours

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Vintro colours mix uniquely & beautifully together similar to Artists paints. Rich highly pigmented colours mixed together will create an endless array of beautiful colours with that signature Vintro depth of colour. 

By mixing your colours you can create some beautiful sophisticated colours, adjust  & customise colours to suit your style and interior space. Also a great way to use up any excess paint your have. You can lighten and darken or create brand new colours just by mixing a few Vintro Chalk Paint colours together. 

Mixing colours is simple and easy once you know how. We have put together a video for you below, breaking down how to mix and find your perfect colour, then how to recreate it in a larger portion: 

Tips after watching the Video: 
Mix your colours on a flat surface 
Explore and discover whilst taking note of the parts your putting in 
Use your fingers tips, teaspoons, measuring spoons ( each one is = 1pt) 
Once you have found your ratio- record it down 
Recreate it in a larger portion through measuring or scales.
eg) 1Pt + 1Pt is equivalent to 100g + 100g
Store your excess mix in our Mix It Storage Tin 

Not sure which colours to mix? Don't worry we are building a Mix It Library for you

You can find and access and purchase all these colours together with the Mix it Storage Tin at a physical store through any one of  The Artisan Company retailers. If you don't live close to one, don't worry you can access it online here also 

The Artisan Company is a New Zealand owned and based company focussed upon making and providing the highest quality decorative paint, tools and workshops for homes and all types of spaces. Born out of a rich heritage of bespoke furniture and interiors through the merging of Taylored Revival and Vintro Paint NZ. Unashamedly focussed upon luxury DIY products and in helping people achieve bespoke looks in their interiors. 

As the exclusive distributor for Vintro Luxury paints we have partnered and invested significantly to be able to produce and make these amazing paints in our NZ facility. In order to make these rich and multi pigmented paints we use advanced machinery with an exact accuracy measured within less than a ¼ of a ml and use a custom formulation database with over 375,000 possible formulations. This equipment and training allows us to manufacture locally in NZ ; Vintro Chalk Paint, “No Seal” Chalk Paint, Vintro Concrete Effect Paint and of course our Vintro Supreme Matt Emulsion for walls which all work in conjunction with our unique Vintro Waxes, Lacquers and Metallics. We are the only bespoke factory of our type in NZ as most products are either brought in finished from overseas our are relabelled locally mass produced products, it's this single tin bespoke manufacturing we enjoy and offer to our customers. 

To provide the best possible experience for our customers we have also curated artisanal tools including the world renowned Staalmeester brushes which work in perfect  unison with Vintros rich and creamy consistency. From the advanced bristle materials through to the  INOX steel ferrules it all really helps to achieve the best results, and yes brushes do make a big difference to your painting experience and finish.

Aside from our unique range of products, we are also proud of our decades worth of experience in the field of decorative painting and training. Having been recognised locally and overseas for these efforts has also led us to directly train over three thousand people and paint over two thousand bespoke furniture or interior pieces for clients.

All of these aspects have been brought together to create The Artisan Company; an online retailer and trainer, luxury paint and artisanal products maker and distributor. With the recent merging of Taylored Revival and Vintro Paint NZ to form The Artisan Company we now enjoy a quickly growing network of retailers who provide our products locally with knowledge and passion for all type painters and home decorators.

Heritage of Taylored Revival

Taylored Revival or TR as it was known by its regulars was a family business started in a garage in East Auckland in 2012. A leading decorative painting studio which undertook thousands of commissions projects over the years and was considered the leading Chalk Paint retailer in the Australasian region. Progressing through the years from a small retail store in Whitford through to a large format 300m2 retail site in Botany. Take a quick look at the history and the prequel to The Artisan Company below.