Plastic to Fantastic: Plastic Chandelier to Metallic Beauty by Christine H

We love seeing projects like this where customers really get it; that you really can transform and re-design anything you want into an Artisan finish to create and design your bespoke interiors.... even plastic Chandeliers 

Christine H has been a long time Artisan Customer, so when she came across a plastic Chandelier she knew she could turn it into something special with Artisan Paints. A $30 find and her kids thought she was mad for buying it.  The pictures says it all, after an Artisan paint finish, she's created her bespoke Chandelier to perfectly fit into the Villa she was renovating and we absolutely love how this project shows anything is possible; if you can imagine it, there's an Artisan Paint to get you there and once you're done, you know that no one else has one quite like that but you. 

Close up of Before
Before and close up of plastic Chandelier 

The original Chandelier predominantly plastic also had metal and glass parts to it, which Premium Chalk Paint can go straight over without any preparation. 

Christine used Premium Chalk Paints for this project, with it being high adhering and  being able to paint straight onto plastic and glass directly with no preparation. Just pop open the can and paint.

In progress, she used Old Espresso Premium Chalk Paint as a base, Spot the Angled Fitch brush which is perfect for something like this. 

Given the intricacy of this project, we recommended that she  went on to paint with texture using Premium Chalk Paint; this basically means she can paint straight on and  needs to paint in all direction, messily. Because let's get real; no one wants to sit there and paint smoothly and perfectly on all of those little  plastic beads. We're all about making it doable , and making it enjoyable! The texture created from the Premium Chalk Paint means 1: it's a lot faster to paint 2: it will create some texture for character and a bit of movement when she goes to do her Artisan Metallics.


Artisan Metallic Finish on the Chandelier 

We will say though that for projects like this make sure you get a good brush, like the Angled Fitch brush and Pointed Tip that Christine used. If you are using Metallics you'll want "The One" bristles which come in a range of shapes and size including the spalter brush that many love using with Metallics.  Well worth getting the right tools for something like this because it's about it doing it as quickly and easily as you can, we all know that if a project like this took weeks to do, we all fall out of love of it and sits in the corner of a room as a half done project until we render up enough patience again to tackle it. Get the right tools and products and get instant results; it makes its so much more satisfying and do-able. 

sitting beautifully in this renovated Villa, plastic to absolutely fantastic! 

Christine has done an incredible job in creating a beautiful Chandelier for her space , thank you for sending your photos through and letting us share your photos, an inspiration not only to us but hopefully to those who come across this blog. Messages from Christine: "Very happy with it; amazing how a $30 plastic fantastic that the kids thought I had lost the plot buying turned out. I had to remind them of the ugly duckling story 🤪🤣 I want another one now!! What  I really love is how the pattern on the Center glass has exploded into life....... Now this is fun!! Was a bit scared to use metallics but actually love 💕 it.  Thank you for your advice and encouragement it means a lot😇

So what can you turn into metallics? Anything really... with our entire Metallic Alchemy range it's recommended that you use Artisan Premium Chalk Paint as a base in a complimenting colour first. Our Premium Chalk Paint adheres to almost any surface and our metallics cremes and glazes are then used over the top if itand  adheres and absorbs beautifully into our Premium Chalk Paints so the two together Premium Chalk Paint + Artisan Metallic Cremes / Glazes = You can metallic pretty much anything. Click on the the following image to watch a Video and  get a basic  idea of how metallics works: 

 Once you get the idea that you can transform anything into an Artisan Metallic finish, it gets pretty exciting, the possibilities are pretty endless from decor, and furniture to doors, tiles, hardware, whatever you can imagine... it's highly likely that it's do-able with Artisan Paints, little to no prep, beautiful functional artisan finishes for bespoke spaces and homes. 

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    Beautiful Christine! Can’t wait to see it in person.

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