Bathroom with PVC wall panels given a complete transformation with Artisan Paints and Products

Today we are all in  for a bit of treat. This is one big bathroom makeover where pretty much everything has been touched in Artisan Paints and Products from lighting to walls, the vanity to decor.  After hearing about this, it was only right we got some photos taken of the room and in this blog post; we are going to view everything in full detail.  We are swooning over the results created by Belinda from Renaissance Studio who is also an Artisan Retailer; and here we run you through the different Artisan Products used on each item in creating this wonderful bespoke bathroom that utilises everything that was in it, yes, including the pvc cladded walls. With no structural changes and no sanding or priming the focus was purely on creating rather than preparing. Other than a good clean and  filling in a few holes, this is a project that really shows off the power of Artisan paints and finishes and it's ability to transform simply and quickly. 

First let us take a look at the before photo, your typical standard PVC wall panelled bathroom, functional but lacking in personality and warmth with the PVC walls making the space a little sterile. This bathroom was one of the first rooms Belinda thought of when she discovered the ease and capabilities of Stone Effects.  How to take something like this and completely change it up with luxurious textures and materials, read on....

So with the PVC wall you see in the above photo she went on to use Crushed Graphite blended with Elephant Dust Stone Effects, using a combination of brush and Artisan stone effects spreaders to create texture and organic movements on her wall. The only prep she did was just a good clean over the PVC. She applied Stone  Effects directly onto the surface. The first coat just a thin coat to coat the surface allowing the product to properly adhere to the PVC; then with a thicker second coat to achieve coverage and purposeful texture. Cutting in around the edges with a brush with the larger areas spread on with her Artisan Spreaders.  For ease of cleaning she applied three thin coats of Artisan Matte Lacquer over the top of this, this allows you to glide a soft cloth over the surface for cleaning; once lacquered just a gentle cleaning product with water will make cleaning easy. Take care to take your lacquer right to the edges and across all seams, Artisan Lacquers are also mould and mildew resistant. For anything that requires regular cleaning we highly recommend finishing with Artisan Lacquer over Stone Effects. With this she has transformed her PVC walls into a luxurious stone effect a completely bespoke stone wall encasing the bathtub and shower area. PVC to Stone, yes !!! We love that, these types of transformations is what makes the team here fizzy with excitement. Taking a substrate thats smooth and shiny and doing the complete opposite in creating textured stone effects on it...what we mean by endless possibilities. 

Artisan Crushed Graphite in 4 Litres and 1 Litre Elephant Dust Blended together finished with Artisan Matte Lacquer

For a Full run down video showcasing the many ways to use Stone Effects click here

Skirting, window frame in Crisp White - Velvet Luxe offsetting the Stone Effects wall beautifully 

A look at the amazing before and after standing at the entrance looking in. 

See that little pallet sitting on top of the bath tub? Below is what it looks like with a quick coat of Artisan Velvet Luxe in Carbon Black, a beautiful hybrid premium chalk paint that self levels for a beautiful one colour matt velvety finish that's wipeable. Just two coats and you're done. Making it a very chic bath rack creating and adding those details to help to finish off the look. Don't forget you can also paint your decor to create a cohesive space.

Let's talk about the adjacent walls framing the beautiful Stone Effects thats been applied in this bathroom. A pairing and decision that is equally as important in completing the overall mood and style for the space. Here Belinda has chosen Imperial Linen - Matte Estate Wall Paint.

Artisan Matte Estate Wall Paint is a beautiful luxurious Artisan wall paint that is multi-pigmented. We use that term that a lot and to give you an idea of what that means, most paint colours are made with a simple 3-4 pigment process, neutrals 2-3 pigments. Artisan colours are crafted with anything up to 14 individual pigments creating crafted colours with unique life and dimension. So even our neutrals like Imperial Linen are crafted with careful complexity creating a colour that is responsive and adjusts to types of  light and shadow. Designed to be a luxe DIY wall paint made simple to apply and which requires little to no prep. We highly recommend rolling Matte Estate with a Micro Plush - Wooster Roller for a flawless finish even for the unexperienced. It self levels, dries beautifully Matte whilst creating a strong wipeable surface. Ideal for imperfect walls given the way it absorbs the light. There is not only a sense of Luxe when spreading Matte Estate across the walls but it is also luxurious to the touch. Wall paint with so much life it makes you want to glide your fingers across it. Available in the full range of Artisan Colours. 

That towel rail... painted in Imperial Linen (same colour as the walls) in Velvet Luxe Hybrid Chalk Paint which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects. All Artisan Paints across the range are available in the full 67 crafted colours allowing you to paint different materials and items with different Artisan paints in the same colour if you wish too. Check out the toilet roll holder below, also in Imperial Linen Velvet Luxe. We are not kidding when we say you can paint pretty much anything.... :-) 


Imperial Linen wall below adjusting and reacting beautifully to the artificial interior lighting. 

Now let's talk bathroom vanity, we all know these vanities well, white and pretty stock standard. Ripping out a vanity is no small project and finding a stylish vanity is also no easy mission, but using what you have and painting it in Velvet Luxe takes about 30 minutes to apply. Again little to no prep and with 67 colours you can knock your socks off when it comes to making it bespoke. Taking something you already have and creating a completely new look and style for it.  For a project like this use Staalmeester mini rollers which we recommend for using with our Velvet Luxe hybrid Chalk Paint, it will make the whole thing so fast with a flawless end result that will have you wondering  why you didn't do it sooner...:-) Pop out those  standard handles for something with a little more style and character and Ta-da beautiful bespoke vanity,  Dare to add personality and make yours  different.... 

Velvet Luxe in Carbon Black completely redesigning this vanity, no sanding no priming, a paint that's suitable for both indoors and out. Look at how it's brought out the beautiful curve of the sink. You can expect a beautiful matte velvety finish thats completely wipeable on this vanity. Transforming it from a stock standard vanity into a stylish chic addition to the bathroom.

With  the freedom of Artisan paint finishes you can let your creativity flow past much more than  just walls and furniture; right through to decor and everything in between allowing you to create your cohesive interior space. Here we can see a plain wooden mirror was cleverly finished with Artisan Stone Effects pulling the decorative stone effects finish over and onto the adjacent Imperial Linen Wall; this time using more of a stippled texture created with a brush. Pairing beautifully with the Vanity in Carbon Black Velvet Luxe and that little pot plant off to the side, yes, also in Stone Effects. 

We love that even the accessories for this bathroom has been treated to an Artisan finish, check out the beautiful stool, lighting and Curtain Rail all completed in Artisan Metallic Pewter finish, details and those finishing touches matter. Create decor and accessories as you imagined to finish off a beautiful bespoke space. A pewter metallic stool is not an easy find anywhere,  let alone bespoke lighting or a curtain rail to tie in with it but you can create it with Artisan Paints. 

Beautiful Wooden Stool transformed in Artisan Pewter Creme 

Even the lighting which was originally  brushed silver has been given the Artisan Pewter Finish, along with curtain rail below. 

Artisan Pewter finishes are simple and easy to do and can be done on pretty much any surface using our Premium Chalk Paint as a base, if you're interested in finding out how easy it is click on the image below to take you through to the  How to Video 

This bathroom is such a great example of the endless possibilities with Artisan Paint finishes. Anything is possible; transform all types of substrates and materials into something beautiful, create a cohesive space with crafted colour and Artisan Finishes. In reality you are limited only by your imagination with this innovative and revolutionary way to DIY and transform , all without the need to sand or prime! Low in VOC's, environmentally friendly products that allow you to focus on creating rather than prepping. 

This project was completed around Christmas last year and has been in use since then, words from Belinda:  "it's wearing so beautifully and so easy to clean, I love my bathroom, it looks and feels like a completely new bathroom it has such a lovely feeling when I walk into it " and with this she has actually gone on to complete another bathroom in her home in Stone Effects and we'll look to showcase that at a later date. For now, Thank you Belinda for demonstrating everything that Artisan Paints is about. A very inspirational project that has us all looking at our bathrooms in a completely different light. 

 Artisan Paints &  Products 

Stone Effects in Crushed Graphite 4L 
Elephant Dust 1L used to blend with Crushed Graphite
Artisan Spreading tool kit  
Artisan Matt Lacquer (available in 500ml or 2L)
(TIP direct from Belinda) mask all your skirting completely and cover everything with drop cloths, stone effects is a high adhesion product and if it get's onto your skirting you will be  scraping it off to remove it :-) 
Stone Effects Video

Imperial Matte Estate Wall Paint (adjacent wall)
Wooster Roller highly recommend for a luxe flawless finish with Matte Estate being a full body multi-pigmented wall paint 

Carbon Black Velvet Luxe 
Staalmeester mini Rollers 

Skirting and window frames 
Crisp White Velvet Luxe - Hybrid Chalk Paint
with a 1inch Flat Staalmeester Brush 

Toilet Roll Holder : Velvet Luxe in Imperial Linen 
Mirror: Stone Effects 
Stool, curtain rail and lighting  : Artisan Pewter Creme 
Video for Pewter Metallic Finishes Available
Bath rack : Velvet Luxe in Carbon Black 
TIP: a Staalmeester angled fitch brush is ideal for creating Artisan finishes on those smaller items such as a toilet roll holder/ curtain rail or lighting using The One fine bristles to flow both paint and metallic onto smaller items 

All items are available through our Premium Artisan Retailers stores. If you have any questions bookmark this page and have a chat with your retailer. If you don't have a retailer nearby everything is also available online through our website the team here are also able to help with any questions. 

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