Plastic Olive Barrel into outdoor pot with Artisan Paints & Products

A short Video reel has been created to show you the process and artisanal journey of this bespoke finish that anyone can do with a little no how (no sanding or priming just go for it) What we want you to take out of it is that whether it's a 1 step finish simply with Artisan Stone Effects or a 2 step finish with Stone Effects and a coloured wash or a 5 step finish with metallics. Decorative painting with Artisan Paints is pretty simple and  is about providing you with the tools, paints & products to create whatever it is you can imagine for your home. Once you have the basics principles you can go on to create, add, adjust and stop at whatever point you like as the video below shows. For a more comprehensive Video on understanding Artisan Stone Effects click here 

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