Mirror Makeover with The Artisan Colour Smudge with Olea & Duck Egg

Have you seen The Artisan Colour Smudge Video yet? If not; check that out first showing you how to quickly and easily incorporate multiple colours onto your Artisan Paint projects softly and easily. click here to watch the full run down so you grasp the concept 

This Short Video Reel  shows a mirror makeover done by Artisan At Home NZ utilising the Artisan Colour Smudge technique over Classic Gold Metallic Creme. 

If you have a vintage gold gilded mirror with dark detailing in the dips and curves, you can miss step 1 and 2 (painting in Carbon black and then Classic Gold) and head straight into The Artisan Colour Smudge and Metallic Glides. 

A purposeful finish created to tone in and sit against Artisan Greenhouse Matte Estate painted walls as part of a small back foyer makeover over at Artisan At Home NZ. The same technique can be used on anything from decor furniture, to walls.. enjoy!