Kitchen Makeover with Artisan Velvet Luxe: Vintage Retro to Country Chic

We were pretty excited when we saw these images of the beautiful work and transformation that Adele had done on her Kitchen by accessing per Artisan Paints through Paint Me Vintage in the Bay of Plenty.  It looks like a completely new remodelled kitchen,  no structural changes here; apart from replacing the stove top, range hood and lighting. A fabulous showcase of the power of transformation through Artisan paints and products transforming Vintage Retro  into a beautiful Country Chic Style Kitchen 

Kitchens are in an important part of the home , often  the heart and also the communal space for the family, a space that requires both form and function. After reading this you will know that it is also a room that can be completely customised and transformed with Artisan paints and products as well. Those kitchen wooden, melamine or veneer cupboards and doors, can be quickly and easily transformed with the right Artisan Paints and Products to create your style and a new aesthetics all with little to no prep. Low VOC's with little to no odour and a fast dry time, you could be using your kitchen again as quickly as an hour after application on a good day.  If your Kitchen layout is good,  functional but just a little dated in colour and materials an Artisan Paint makeover may just be what it needs to completely re-style and breathe new life back into it and Adeles Kitchen DIY makeover shown here today is a big testament to that. Read on.... 

A quick look at the before,  here we have the kitchen in blue and soft green,  multicoloured tiles with your standard kitchen handles throwing off a strong  retro vintage vibe. 


After photos...Pretty impressive right! Other than lightly sanding the surface of her cupboard doors to scuff the surface and a good clean, Adele has gone straight over using a combination of brush and rollers with  Artisan Velvet Luxe- Hybrid Chalk Paint. A great paint to use for kitchen projects for many reasons but here are just a few of why you might reach out for Velvet Luxe - Hybrid Chalk Paint for your Kitchen: 

  • It's an indoor-outdoor grade paint that dries matte and is also completely wipeable and durable.
  • With advanced self levelling technology it dries beautifully flat for a luxurious one colour finish.  
  • Unlike Premium Chalk Paint there is no need to wax Velvet Luxe
  • (nobody wants to paint and then wax their entire kitchen, that's from a by gone era and is no longer required with Artisan Velvet Luxe )
  • We are often after a clean one colour flat finish with no decorative paint effect in our Kitchens which makes Velvet Luxe perfect for the job. 
  • Velvet Luxe comes in the full 67 colours in the Artisan colour palette all carefully crafted, Multi-pigmentented with a complex depth bringing surfaces to life in Artisan colours. The freedom of choice is yours.
  • Velvet luxe is ideal for larger  projects, as it's fast and easy. Little to no prep, two good coats and your done, with great coverage small to medium sized kitchents can be done in 1-2 Litres but if you're looking to do shelving, internals, skirting and more it  is also available in 4 Litres at special large project price.
  • Fast Dry time of approx 1 hour; by the time you work from one end of the kitchen to the other, where you first started is most likely ready for another coat, meaning you can work continually and get something like this done in day if you wanted to. If you start in the morning you might actually be cooking in it by evening
  • Low in VOC, little to no odour means you can work, live and use the room during and immediately after the project 

We love the mix of Crisp white and Parisian Grey used in Adeles Kitchen it completely neutralises the space from what it was,  creating a light calming yet  inviting space that makes you want to step in, roll out some dough and bake some bread whilst having a cup of tea. In the photo above you notice Parisian Grey on the doors reacting to light and shadow from right to left. The new artisan paint finish enhances the existing wood tones on the kitchen bench and flooring. Styled beautifully with country chic vibes by Adele


Adele has cleverly used Crisp White to brighten, expand and neutralise areas of her kitchen and we love the mix of the two Artisan neutrals used here creating a freshness, modernising and making it a more calming space from what it was. paired with different Kitchen handles, it looks like a completely new Kitchen.

For Kitchen makeover's with Velvet Luxe we've prepared a list below of everything you will need to fly through the job. With something like this it's important to have everything you need on hand, there's nothing more annoying than being mid project and needing to paint a corner or edge and realising you don't  have the right tools or brushes...with a large project like this it's important you get everything you need for best results. 

Remember the tiles? Adele has cleverly decoupaged those multicoloured  tiles with wall paper to give it a pressed metal look and then used Artisan Lacquer over it to seal protect and give it the strength it needs to be functional and wipeable in this area, then detailed in silver metallic glide. Very clever and very creative a great example of using Artisan products to make your creativity functional. 

There is so much we love about this Kitchen and the  before and after is truly  gobsmacking. We love seeing our paints being used to create and transform beautiful spaces like this. We like to think projects like this becomes a possibility, do-able and achievable when customers discover the ease and beauty of Artisan paints and products. So when we see a retro vintage kitchen transformed like this  it makes the entire team a little fizzy with excitement gasping sentences that start with oh my....

Thank you so much Adele, we love the beautiful vision you had to transform your Kitchen into a beautiful country chic space with Artisan paints and products . A truly  inspiring makeover and before and after.  Thank you for your wonderful inspiration :-) 



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