Vanity Makeover: Your stock standard makes for an excellent canvas

Today we are highlighting stock standard vanities and all the possibilities! We know we are referencing many NZ homes out there  when we talk about "that white stock standard shiny vanity" commercially finished, mass produced and made to fit a wide range of homes and often adding an unwanted  slight clinical touch to the room.

Usually nothing wrong with them other than a lack of personality and character. They're blocky, functional and.... they make amazing candidates for Artisan Velvet Luxe, allowing you to re-intepret and add your personal style and Artisan colour onto it, resulting in a luxurious end result. Easy application,  flat, matte and wipeable in a richly pigmented Artisan colour.  Making it a completely do-able DIY project. This is  Artisan Velvet Luxe.... 
Painted in Old Espresso -Artisan Velvet Luxe  

An Artisan colour and finish can make a tremendous change to even the "blockiest" non detailed piece like a vanity. Adding life and depth in colour  to your vanity, pair the makeover with some new handles, the scope is far and wide when it comes to re-designing your Vanity. With little to no prep required and 67 crafted artisan colours,  the option is yours and the scope is wide. 

Velvet Luxe was applied directly onto this vanity, if you have a super glossy vanity it may pay to give the surface a light sand to help key it in, we're not talking a full sand; just a good sweep over the surface with rough grit sand paper to scuff the surface. Make sure you thoroughly clean your vanity prior, to remove any oils, and or residue on the surface, we're talking toothpaste, cosmetics etc...
Velvet Luxe is a fast and easy way to transform something into a flat one colour finish. With advanced self levelling technology, it dries beautifully flat and matte, creating a strong wipeable surface that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, which makes it absolutely fine for those water splashes, cleaning is just a soft gentle cloth with water, or with some gentle soap. With little to no prep, little to no odour and a fast dry time of an hour, it's a project that you can start and finish well within the same day. 

Artisan Paint and tools for Vanity make overs. 
For vanities we highly recommend, edging each panel with a small staalmeester brush in proportion to your Vanity, then rolling Velvet Luxe with Staalmeester micro-felt rollers across the surface. 2 coats. No wax or lacquer required...Easy! 
Although a small vanity makeover,  the impact it has in the room is huge. Beautifully done by Belinda for her home (who owns Renaissance Studio). Showing us that even those small dated vanities can be full of style and character with luxuriously matte finish in  Artisan Velvet Luxe. Taking it from your stock standard into something bespoke that fits in with your style and look you are looking to create for your space. Thank you Belinda for your wonderful before and after and inspiration! 
Vanity in Old Espresso Artisan Velvet Luxe, Wall in Artisan Stone Effects: Rustic Rye (more on this later) Mirror in Artisan Old Espresso premium chalk paint, Artisan Marko Bronze and Milan Moonshadow glaze with dark and carbon black wax. 
Full range of Artisan Velvet Luxe and Staalmeester paint tools and accessories are available through all Premium Artisan Retailers. If you don't have one in your area, these products are also available on this website 

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