A beautiful bedroom created within Artisan Tahr; Soft, warm, beautifully understated (Video included) .

We were recently invited to stay at Belindas place who was first a passionate customer who then turned that passion and energy into becoming an Artisan retailer. She's been busy  painting not just inside her store  but also inside her villa in Pukekohe.... a quest to paint out every single bedroom and living area in Artisan Paints and Products; a chance to redecorate and breathe new energy and life into her Villa with Premium paints and finishes.

Like with many of our retailers we've been keeping in touch with Belinda over this course of time talking about colours and pairings and she really has been flying through it all, which we expect given there's little to no prep and often will little to no smell and being low in VOCs it's often the rainy bad days that Belinda will spend inside her home creating her spaces in Artisan Paints. 

So it was really quite exciting for us to stop by for visit and see the finished rooms in person and you bet we've taken photos and videos to pass on that inspiration. Thank you Belinda for your warm welcome into your inspiring home and allowing us to capture and share these photos/ Videos. 

Today we're sharing a room painted in Artisan Tahr but before we get into it lets take a quick look at the before: 

It's amazing what Artisan Colour can do to transform a space with minimal prep. Using Artisan Matte Estate wall paint in Artisan Tahr, Belinda has rolled our premium wall paint richly loaded with multiple pigments straight onto her walls using the recommended Wooster roller. These two paired together will allow anyone to create beautifully flat smooth Artisan matte walls every time; from the novice painter to the expert painter. Encasing the room in a signature Artisan colour with sophisticated subtle nuances as Tahr adjusts to all types of lighting creating beautiful depth and  a true living colour across the walls from morning to night and through all the seasons. 

Inspired by Artisan Tahr, Belinda has completed the space by dressing the room with earthy spice tones and accents with brown leathers , contrasting it all with beautiful soft off white bedding. 
She has painted her decor in Artisan Metallic Alchemy to suit the space, finding the right decor for a space can be an expensive and frustrating experiment, but when you are able to create your own bespoke decor by painting over an exisiting one and transforming it to suit, we love and so here for this concept. Creating a bespoke space not just through furniture and walls but also in the decor and those finishing touches....even the door handle has been painted in Artisan paints.

Blanket Box before 
Blanket box in Artisan Premium Chalk Paint, waxes and metallics, a piece we created together with Belinda in one of our painting sessions last year when we did a road trip through to see our Artisan retailers. "A sentimental piece I couldn't part with so I had to  have it at home" - Belinda. A finish with multiple colours, layers and wax works like this one is super versatile in an interior space, adding character into you home  and allowing you to creatively draw upon the colours within it out into your space. This one sits beautifully here, adjusting itself to the Tahr back drop and the greenery placed on it pulling out the subtle soft greens and earthy tones within it. 
A little behind the scenes from last year of the Blanket Box being painted. From Dark, highly varnished to beautifully rustic, elegant and old worldly... 
We love this corner where there is very little natural night hitting it, Tahr deepens to a beautiful shade of itself. 
Versus the wall behind the bed with a strong flood of natural light. #livingcolour #artisancraftedcolours
Bed head painted in Artisan paints, frame in Metallic Alchemy, rattan in Velvet Lue and that bedside? look what it was before below. We love how this shows how you can utilise odd / dated pieces and with a little imagination you can create something to work in with your space whilst knowing you have created a bespoke piece for your home. 
Now here's a quick video we took while we there... one, of the room at night and the other of the room in the morning light showing how beautiful Artisan Tahr adjusts to both natural and artificial light. 
We have loved visiting Belinda's home and what a beautiful showcase of what a room painted out in Artisan Paints can look like. This entire room has  been transformed using Artisan paints, colours and textures; from Stone Effects, Premium Chalk Paints, Metallic Alchemy to Matte Estate wall paint and Velvet Luxe, re-imagining dated pieces, pulling odd pieces together adjusting hardware and decor to suit,  encasing the room with rich multipigmented Artisan Paints. Thanks again Belinda for your  beautiful example of this!..... This wasn't the only room we captured so stay tuned on the blog or our facebook page for more :-) 


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