Live among Artisan Crafted Colours- Bedroom Makeover, furniture, walls, decor and hardware

Now here's a beautiful bedroom makeover that showcases the beauty of living among Artisan Crafted colours. Utilising the ease of Artisan Paints on both furniture and walls to create a complete, beautifully bespoke and luxurious space.

Wonderfully done by Belinda in Pukekohe who is also an Artisan Retailer for the area, deciding over a weekend to recreate this guest bedroom solely with Artisan Paints. We've been chatting with her right through it and once one this one was done, she was inspired and on a roll... and is currently in the midst of re-doing all the rooms in her home! So we're sure that you will be seeing more of her bedroom makeovers on here. Thank you Belinda for letting us share these before and after images to inspire Artisan colour and possibilities. 

NZ is a country that is often shy of colour, and rooms like the one above, neutral with white trims is well within our comfort zone, just walk through most new builds and open homes and this colour palette is something we are quite familiar and comfortable with, its ideal for the mass but not if your looking to create a unique home with depth and warmth that reflects you.

Here at the Artisan Company we want to encourage our customers to branch out with colour in their homes, even if just a little. With all the ease of little to no prep and the endless possibilities with the wide range of Artisan Paints and finishes with low VOCs, we want our customers  to view their spaces as a blank canvas with endless possibilities. Yes that piece of furniture can be something special, yes you can create or add a metallic finish, yes you can paint rattan, no you don't have to sand off all the varnish to paint it. Yes you can paint your walls even if you have never done it before, and most definitely yes you can create a space that is reflective of who you are, with the colours you love, the style you love, create a space that evokes an instant feeling or mood that transcends you to a special feeling or memory. Even our brightest Artisan colours will hold a complexity and softness with many subtle nuances within it that makes it ideal for an interior space. Create a space that makes you feel that pop of joy when you walk into it,  it can be colour and  it can still be elegant, stylish and timeless because after all, you are not following the latest trend but rather putting your mark on it and being brave enough to be different and make it yours,  surrounding yourself with what you love. 

We often find that once our customers explore with colour, and discover the ease and beauty of working with Artisan Paints,  it often invigorates a bravery or  new energy to continue through whether it be onto walls, then furniture or onto the next room and the next. If you have wondered what it would look like if you painted pretty much everything in your room with Artisan Paints, then this blog is a great showcase of that. So let's start first with the furniture....

Mid Century Modern style furniture intended for the bedroom makeover, you can often find pieces like this in op shops or trade me, once loved and discarded as it no longer fits into modern living....

How suited to modern living is this piece now. Stunning results with Carbon Black Velvet Luxe on the frame, Sea Mist on the drawers and Artisan Metallics on the legs and handles transforming and elevating the piece to suit a modern space with a bespoke edge. When looking to do a piece with straight lines, look at how you can make it bespoke, add that designer flair through colour blocking or working with tone on tone, break up the "blocky-ness" up by breaking the piece up with different Artisan neutrals, colours, textures and finishes, add  metallics for that touch  of luxe, and you can use that same Artisan Metallic over the handles as well to tie it all together. 

The headboard, the set of drawers and the bedsides were are all odd pieces that have been brought together through an Artisan Paint finish to create a stunning bedroom suite with Velvet Luxe in Carbon Black, Sea Mist and Artisan Metallic Gold. Little to no  prep, little to no odour, low in VOCs, dries in an hour, this hybrid Premium Chalk Paint requires no wax or lacquer. Painting bedroom furniture can be super quick with Velvet Luxe and it's self levelling qualities means you don't have to be a pro to have a "pro finish". How gorgeous is it all against that wall in Dusky Fields Matte Estate Wall Paint.... 

Matte Estate Wall Paint is an Artisan paint ideal for first time wall painters, or the experienced DIYER's.  Built also with advanced self levelling qualities, it dries beautifully smooth, flat and matte every time. Pair it with our Wooster roller and effortlessly roll it across your walls for luxuriously smooth matte walls in Artisan Crafted Colours every time.   There is a difference in living among rich mutli-pigmented colours, the depth of the colour is most evident when spread across a large surface like a wall, showing you how it will react and adjust to all types of lighting, beautifully bringing out those subtle undertones and hues, adjusting beautifully to its environment and surrounding yourself in a true Artisan living colour.  

Dusky Fields on the wall has added so much life to this room, creating an instant mood as you walk in. The painted furniture contrasts beautifully and completes the re-styling of this room through Artisan paints. All the skirting and Trimming in white absolutely pops against it.  


 Let's take another look at  the room before 

and after... 


Rattan head board painted in Carbon Black Velvet Luxe, Sea Mist on the frame and detailed in Artisan gold.

The pictures really do speak for themselves with this bedroom makeover, taking a room thats plain and simple and injecting Artisan colour and life  not only on to the walls but also with the furniture and even some of the decor like the little vase you see above on the bedside. The idea is that if you have discovered a beautiful Artisanal paint, rich in pigments with the ability to adhere to most surfaces with very little prep. The project at hand becomes do-able even for the novice painter with just a little know how. We like to think that we've put all the hard work into each can of Artisan Paint so that you can go on to experience a new elevated level of luxe DIY, ideal for those living busy lives which is pretty much all of us these days. Paint your room and move into it straight away with little to no odour, apply your metallics not just on detailing but on your decor too and have it dry within 30 minutes... transform your furniture have it dry within an hour. Transform your walls and decor to suit the look and style you are after, using only the colours and finishes you love. The artisanal possibilities are endless with a vast and wide range of finishes, colours and textures within the Artisan paint range. You are limited only by your imagination....

So with this, we will end with words directly from Belinda herself after transforming her guest bedroom. 

"Over the years, I have used a multitude of different wall paints, and even though I stock The Artisan Company’s Paint Range, I can truthfully tell you, with hand on heart, that this is by far, the most superior Wall Paint I have ever used, multi pigmented, with a fast dry time and delivering on a flat finish, hiding imperfections" - Belinda M 

Thank you Belinda for this gorgeous inspiration of your guest bedroom. We absolutely love this showcase of a whole bedroom furniture and all painted in Artisan Paints x 



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