It was Gin that led Rita to discover Artisan Paints; from painted furniture to decor, to groceries offered with Artisan Paints.

We're alway so inspired when customers show us that they get it, that decorative painting with Artisan paints is not limited to just furniture but pretty much anything you can imagine, or that you can completely transform your space by adding Artisan Paint finishes through your home to create mood, elevate your style or make it more cohesive.

Today we're showcasing wonderful projects by Rita O who's journey to discover Artisan Paints was actually led through Gin, yes alcohol, but not in the way that you're thinking. Rita makes Gin herself and was trying to find a beautiful unique cabinet to display them in. After finding that the ones she liked was a bit pricey it sparked the idea of maybe painting something to create what she imagined for her gins. She got in touch with a friend who she knew painted furniture and asked her if she could give her a crash course on it.

The friend came around with an Artisan Colour booklet, Artisan paints and brushes and quickly explained how it all worked (Thank you friend! )  and suggested she popped into to see our Premium  Artisan Retailer in Masterton. 

In Rita's words " I must say they are the best and I have only praise for both Lisa and Tina. They have also offered to deliver products.... Recently when isolating as a close covid contact they offered to pick up supermarket supplies for me to deliver to me at the same time as my Artisan products... Hows that for excellent service? 

We recognise our Artisan Premium Retailers are a passionate group who love to share their knowledge and passion around Artisan paints and products and  go above and beyond whenever they can,  hearing this warmed our hearts as it echos our ethos in so many ways. It's that old school service that we believe in that you rarely find these days,  it's more than just selling paint, it's  about getting to know customers, understanding them, their homes and connecting in a creative colourful wonderful way. Opening and expanding the possibilities, supporting, encouraging and guiding creativity with Artisanal paints and products. With customers like Rita who slowly work through the home project by project; that creative relationship extends so much further than just paint, over time we get to know customers more, their family, their homes, support and witness our customers journey in transforming their spaces through Artisan paint projects and if we're lucky we here at Artisan HQ get to connect also through photos, messages, questions and answers that is one of the many things we and our Artisan Premium retailers pride ourselves on. Creativity is in everyone, sometimes we just need to discover the right products; be shown and inspired for it to be unleashed and get us going.  

Before: Photo of a Vintage Bedside 

After: Rita's cleverly added a touch of style and sophistication by balancing Artisan Carbon Black with natural wood tones. A great balance of vintage & modern 

Below: looking to add her touch to an old Mahogany side table Rita looked to draw colours out from the surroundings and decor, anyone noticing that gorgeous flash of hot pink?... 

Before Photo of Table.


After Photo: With no Sanding or priming Artisan Wendy's Pink was the pick 

Not to forget the decor; a pot plant  with a moulding added also painted in Artisan Paints and metallics to add into the room as well. Not easy finding a hot pink side table and pot the way you want it,  that's for sure!  

A lamp purchased for $5 the shade purchased from Mitre 10 and where the base and shade have both been painted in Artisan Paints in Carbon Black  with bronzanite metallic glide used to detail and stencil. Create your bespoke lamp

Rita shares : "The start of my up-cycling journey coincided with some house renos so thought to myself what a good time to be making some drastic changes to my mainly black and white home decor!  I watched most of your videos on the website to teach myself and where I had questions or doubts, Lisa and Tina's knowledge filled the gap. Although I am still learning I now have the confidence to take on bigger projects and I am absolutely loving the challenge. Have been approached by a couple of friends to do commission work but currently too busy replacing every old piece of furniture in my house with a new colourful piece, Next up is an old man robe I want to turn into a linen cupboard, so watch this space! " 

Beautiful Artisan transformation to create a dining room suite, with the chairs which were originally metal also painted in Artisan Paints to work in with the table, Wood and Metal painted together as a cohesive set. In Royal Navy Premium Chalk Paint with Carbon Black wax. 

Before : Coffee table for the house 

Transformed in Artisan Paints and metallic glides 

Looking beautiful in place 

We love this next one, taking a plain piece of furniture and adding a moulding,  Artisan Crafted colour with metallics, transforming what was a pretty plain piece in that honey toned wood into something beautiful and elegant. 

In progress, we can all relate to spreading out inside to paint, especially with these colder months coming, the beauty of Premium Chalk Paint is that there is no smell and still dries pretty fast even in winter. Rainy days are meant for painting in our world :-) 

End Result. Looking elegant at night in artificial light 

Before: Cabinet ready for an Artisan Paint finish, no sanding or priming just paint

Carbon Black on the frame of the sideboard with Country Mustard and Carbon Black Wax on the body and Bronzanite glide. A chance to re-interpret those older pieces with the colours drawn or inspired by your home. 

We have so enjoyed following Rita on her discovery and journey with Artisan paints and products and we know there is more yet to come... She has transformed so many different items in her short time of finding Artisan Paints from bright and bolds to deep and moody, from furniture to decor.  It's inspiring for us not just as painters ourselves but also as NZ's Artisanal Paint manufacturer to see just how people are welcoming the idea of creating bespoke interiors with ease, appreciating crafted colours and the difference in quality paints. Transforming and discovering all the endless artisanal possibilities. Thank you so much Rita for your words, and  for allowing us to share your story and photos today, we have so enjoyed following your journey with our paints and seeing all your projects come to life and look forward to seeing what else you create x.  Little shout out to the friend who introduced you to us and to our wonderful retailers Brush Strokes Studio in Masterton for your passionate work in spreading the word and all the possibilities with Artisan paints . 

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