From painted chairs, cushions, restyled coffee tables to decor... Seeing things differently with Artisan Paints has definitely been mastered by Lisa C

A beautiful collection of Artisan Paint Projects today from Lisa C in Auckland who most definitely has the eye for seeing things for what they could be with Artisan Paints over what she sees in front of her. 

The ease &  quality of Artisan Paints opening  so many doors when it comes to colours and finishes and creating a personalised home. Not limited to just  furniture but also decor, having the freedom to create something unique and bespoke, to re-design and revive effortlessly. 

Today's blog entry showcases the beautiful transformations from cushions , chairs to coffee tables and vases painted in Artisan Paints by Lisa. A long time customer and supporter of The Artisan Company; thank you Lisa we really appreciate your longstanding support for a NZ brand and company, always such a joy and pleasure to see what you are doing with Artisan Paints. Thank you for allowing us to share your creative inspirations today x

"Been making stencils and cushions. Using Carbon Black - Velvet. It’s works so well on material"- Lisa C 

We have so much love for this creative idea. How gorgeous are these cushions that have been stencilled in Carbon Black Velvet Luxe. Beautiful neutral cushions in linens and hessian personalised and made for the home with some simple stencilling with words and numbers. Velvet Luxe is perfect for something like this, with you not needing to wax afterwards. Just go ahead and stencil, take advantage of the coverage and once dry you are finished, you have your very own hand done, personalised cushion. Great way to bring up some old tired cushions or even add your touch to some plain new ones. 

Take a look at this very traditional chair, beautiful shape, sunken seat and we absolutely love how Lisa re-interpreted this into something bright, bold and funky. Working in with the new Upholstery (which she does herself), she has cleverly chosen a colour that compliments the fabric. She picked out the subtle hints of Teal in the fabric and drew it out onto the frame of chair. Painting it in Tropical Lagoon Premium Chalk Paint with a Carbon Black wax to slightly deepen.  

All done in a 120ml Sample Pot, that's a pretty cost effective transformation! 

When deciding on a colour to go with a print, wall paper or fabric. Draw out the most subtle less obvious colour in the design of the wall paper or fabric to tie and connect it without it being too "matchy match" That freedom is completely yours to redesign and create something beautifully bespoke for your home. 

Those buttons on the chair, they've been painted in Tropical Lagoon Premium Chalk paint and waxed as well! It's those small details that can make all the difference. 

Lisa's dog obviously also has very good taste in his selection of chairs to sit on... what a cutie... 

When it comes to seeing things differently, this one almost takes it out for us in this blog... We are all too familiar with this style of furniture in NZ, Rimu type coffee table where the varnish goes a bit "orangey" over time. Well made, well built, once all the rage in NZ homes but no longer really wanted, a lot of people struggle to let go because of the quality of the wood, but  eventually... because it no longers works, most people  do let it go. Artisan Paints is a great way to balance that style and quality. Keep those quality pieces and transform it into something you will love and that works in your home. With little to no prep you can get this done in under a day, a few hours max, little to no smell, you can even paint in the comfort of your home with a drop cloth.  

Lisa has castors for the legs, she built a simple  frame to edge around the top of the coffee table, then she painted it all in Artisan Ocean Trench Velvet Luxe and...

Amazing! and we love the stud detailing on it to! 

Ocean Trench sitting  indoors and in place looking deep and luxurious 
Although Velvet Luxe does not require wax or lacquer to function as it is completely wipeable and highly durable. Dark, deep Matte  colours do show more dust and marks than say a mid-tone colour, especially on something that is  a coffee table that is often high use. So with Coffee Table tops that are dark, a quick coat of Artisan Lacquer may help with general wiping and cleaning on a regular basis and show up less dust. We absolutely love the vision that Lisa had with this, so creative and inspiring and has us all looking at our coffee tables twice...

Bentwood chairs, delicate, stylish and a reminiscent of yesteryear. But what would a more modern take on these look like? without taking away from the character? 

"Carbon Black, I love you" - Lisa C 

Classic and timeless in Carbon Black. A gorgeous rich black, loaded with pigments. Artisan Black is... black. We love the new upholstered cushions over the top of all that broken rattan. The best part about all of this is that no one else but Lisa will have chairs likes this and that is what we what we really want to encourage with Artisan paints... that ease of no sanding or priming just paint, fast dry time... makes jobs like these completely do-able. We want our customers to explore creating items and pieces that are beautifully bespoke to them and their homes and make it effortless and fun along the way.. 

All in the details again... that stripe on the back of that chair.... yep painted in Carbon Black Velvet Luxe. 

and so is that cushion, stencilled in Carbon Black Velvet Luxe  :-) 

Quite a collection of browns and oranges in these before photos... once upon a time you would shudder at the amount of sanding required to get all the varnish off... now you pop the lid open off an Artisan Paint can and just head straight into it....

Look at the difference...dark and tired to fresh, light, classic and elegant in Artisan Sea Mist

The Other chair in Carbon Black sitting beautifully with the newly painted desk and what a difference that's made! Such a pretty setting.

As for those tables, what a transformation! (we keep saying this, but they are!)  It's the classic black and white look. Using Carbon Black and a White gives you that edgy yet classic look and we love the way a simple paint finish in Velvet Luxe has completely restyled these old tables and added huge designer flair 

and you bet those chair frames have been painted as well! In Sea Mist Velvet Luxe 

Red and Shabby to light bright and classic 

large Wooden Mirror and vase with coloured leaves... all neutralised for the hallway with Artisan paints....

When you know it adheres to pretty much anything... not even an old vase is safe. Op shops and second hand shops often have a plethora of different shaped vases and vessels that can be turned into decor, painted in Artisan Paints in neutral or in your colour of choice to perfectly suit your home. 

Chair in Royal Navy with Lacquer 

We have a wonderful community of customers throughout the country, and we know that  they can relate to this when we say... once you've discovered how easy and effortless it all is. Nothing is safe and everything is possible .... Creating your beautiful home and sanctuary takes on a completely new meaning after discovering Artisan Paints. Create items that give you joy, transform homeware to specifically suit, customise and re-style at a small fraction of what it costs to buy new using quality Artisanal paints . We hope this blog entry has got your creative thoughts and ideas flowing on how to add that special touch to your home with Artisan Paints. Thanks again to Lisa for your wonderful photos and inspiration! 



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