Vintro Concrete Look

If you ever wanted to get a beautiful soft concrete or stone look then here we go through the basics using Vintro Chalk Paint™. This look can be extremely versatile. Works well in modern homes, monochromatic styling or pair with black for a more industrial look alternatively pair with crisp whites for coastal look. This is part of our Vintro Project Series which aims to help you create these looks with ease. The Concrete look is an intermediate look and will take approximately 2 - 3 hours in elapsed time depending upon your furniture item.

Our trained retailers have all the materials and knowledge you need and can help with any further or detailed guidance that  you may need; also please feel free to download, print this project series sheet and take into you retailer .


  • Chalk Paint - 1ltr Dove
  • Vintro Pure Bristle brush
  • Chalk Paint -125ml Cloudburst
  • Chalk Paint - 125ml Champagne Waltz
  • 400ml Vintro Soft Wax
  • Vintro stirring stick
  • Lint free rags


1. Prep - NONE with Vintro Chalk Paint. Stir Vintro Chalk Paint™ really well (it is thick) through to a creamy consistency 
3. 1st Coat - Add 5-10% water, brush liberally in every direction with a Vintro Pure bristle brush to create a textured paint finish- Leave to dry 
4. 1/2 Coat - Touch up any areas still showing wood, make sure to water down this coat by about 10 - 15% before applying - Leave to dry 
5. Mix Cloudburst paint and clear wax on flat surface; about 40% paint to 60% wax and brush out over surface in sections about an A3 in size, wipe back gently with little pressure with a  lint free rag 
6. Mix Champagne Waltz and wax like step 5 and apply same way 
7. You can further pull back wax with clear wax or wire wool, and for extra water protection on hard wearing areas use Vintro Lacquer

Note: To create a concrete look it is important to create texture in your paint finish to create texture. This texture is then brought out by the unique Vintro Coloured Waxes. Apply one coloured wax after the other, some of the colours may merge and mix a little and this is great as a Concrete look requires variation in colour. Tip: Brush the coloured wax out in all directions with little pressure,  brush and spread the coloured wax thinly in sections. When wiping with lint free rag, use little to no pressure, almost like a "light dusting motion." After the wax has had about 30 mins air time you can then buff for a sheen. For surfaces like a dining table top or coffee table you may choose to finish with Vintro Matt Lacquer for extra protection which can be applied once the wax is cured. (7 days) 

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