The Beauty & Luxe of Black and Gold

In the last few years Black and Gold has by far been the most popular request for commissions in furniture; and even today we have just finalised another client concept for a black and gold commission. So we've decided to take a closer look at this popular combo and to help with your inspiration we have compiled some of our previous projects with some videos at the end on some ways to work with Vintro's Victorian Black. 

Victorian Black has been a neutral that has been popular across the board through our retailers, in all regions of NZ. It's pretty clear that we sure do love our Vintro black here in NZ and for good reason.

Vintro's Victorian Black is incredibly rich and multi pigmented with that signature Vintro depth of "colour" and there is no denying that it's Victorian Black when you see it on a piece; it's a deep dark rich statement type of a neutral. Not all black paints are the same and there is a special pigment/ tint during the manufacturing process uniquely added that makes Victorian black a true rich BLACK black. In fact many other black paints use a colour base that will lack richness, depth and under certain light, the black will take on a blue hue.

If there was one word to describe Victorian Black in an interior space it would be "versatile" . A painted Victorian Black sideboard against a crisp white wall can be the "edginess" that  a modern contemporary space needs. Pops of beautiful rich blacks being the anchor in light and bright Hamptons style room. Dark waxed to create a beautiful warm antique black for a vintage space; or with a white coloured wax to create a french rustic look where the black looks like it's been limed with patina over the years.

How you choose to do the finishing touches, will manipulate and extend Victorian Black to fit with the many styles and looks it's capable of. Overall it's been popular because it's rich and bold, it can make a bold statement but is still within the realm of being "the safe option" . 

However, when Victorian Black is paired with gold it transforms it into a completely luxurious statement. A Black and Gold look for those who want add a  bit of luxe in their living.

The moment you add Gold to Victorian Black there is an immediate richness and opulence to it, the contrast of a shiny metallic against a dark deep rich multi pigmented neutral creates a luxurious statement that says "I'm here, I'm special, I'm timeless, I've been here a while and I'm here to stay...."  There is a warmth to the look, it adds a  bit of drama and a bit of glamour into your interior space.

When done right, it's timeless and refined and it's been a popular request for commissions as well as demos through all our retailers.  Here we've compiled some of our Victorian Black and Gold projects from the past and right down the bottom are some links to Videos on some ways to work with Victorian Black including adding gold detailing: Take a browse through and be inspired by the beauty and luxe of Black and Gold...



Click on the following to watch VIDEOS on a way to work with Victorian Black 


 Be inspired by combinations & colours by heading to our "pictagrams"by clicking on the image below : 


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