COMING SOON- WHAT WILL IT BE?! : If you feel we've been a little quiet on here, it's because we've all been busy bees here (excuse the pun) crafting and getting everything in line and ready for our Spring/ Summer Limited Edition 2022.
Every Artisan Colour is hand crafted first, adding and adjusting quality pigments to get it to the perfect balance. This way it slowly evolves to where our eye wants it to be. This is part of creating our living Artisan colours with life.

We like to do things a little old school, by hand and in person but we also love using the latest technology for exact precision as well, utilising the best of both traditional and modern methods we think allows us to create something pretty special.

Loaded with multiple pigments for a purposeful range of sophisticated hues and undertones. Every colour gets brushed out, worked with waxes, lacquers, paired with metallics and different interior and exterior settings to allow us to understand and see how it adjusts, reacts and sits; whether the mood and energy fits what we were looking to create and to best understand the colour so that we can provide you with advice on how to best work it in your space . Then finally; it gets observed and studied under different lights, cool, warm, exterior, interior, dim and bright, to see all the subtle nuances within the colour before we give it the big tick to be manufactured in our boutique paint room.

This time we are gearing up to do a Spring/ Summer together as our next Limited Edition....What will it be??? COMING SOON... Stay Tuned

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