The ever so versatile Potters Clay...

Potter’s Clay

Description - The artisanal material of a potter's clay is the inspiration behind this stunning earthy neutral with grey undertones. Works beautifully in both classic and contemporary spaces, injecting a sophisticated earthy elegance into your home.

If you are looking for an earthy neutral tone to introduce into your home, Potters clay is one to consider . It is one of the most versatile colours in our range, works well with both warm and cool complimentary colours.

Potters Clay adapts and changes with natural light, shadows cast upon this colour will deepen and intensify its warm hues, and placed in direct day light, the colour will brighten and bring out a grey with earthy undertones. Beautifully crafted with a stunning mix of multiple Artisan pigments, it has complex underlying tones that brings this neutral to life in the home.  Often described by Artisan Customers as "a stunning soft linen colour". 

Potters Clay pairs stunningly with any of our Gold, Champagne and Silver metallics from our Metallic Alchemy range. Interacts beautifully with both warm and cool metallic pigments, which can add the perfect finishing touch to the elegance of this earthy neutral.  

Get The Look: 

Get the look above with, Potters Clay Premium Chalk Paint finished with a light brushing of Artisan Artisan Dark wax to create depth in the detail,  then a dusting of Wild Tusk Wax coloured wax to soften the entire look. Pair with silver hardware and metallic glide.  



Get the look above with, Potters Clay Premium Chalk Paint finished with Beluga coloured wax and Metallic Glide in silver to highlight the details. To create a tone on tone look,  Potters Clay with Crisp white to lighten and paint over selected areas as seen on the panels of this wardrobe 


Get the look above with, Potters Clay Premium Chalk Paint with  Artisan Dark wax, then highlight and pull back with clear wax.

Get the look above with, Clubhouse Grey Premium Chalk Paint, Carbon Black wax with a light dusting of Potters Clay coloured wax .


Get the look above with, by doing a two colour distress using Kirimi as a base and  Potters Clay over the top then finish with The Artisan Clear and Dark wax and Vienna Champagne Metallic Glide.
Get the look above with, by mixing Potters Clay with Wild Tusk to get a lighter version, a light brushing of Artisan Dark wax (using clear wax to pull back and highlight)  contrast internals with  Wild Tusk Premium Chalk Paint 

Get the look above with a custom mix of Potters Clay and Crisp White Velvet Luxe Use Crisp White on the panels to contrast and break a piece up.

There are so many ways to interpret and introduce Potters Clay in your home, an easy one to fit into any interior space whether  it be classic or contemporary. A stunning  Artisan Neutral as it is that brings with it a natural earthy grounded element whilst being extremely versatile allowing you to easily customise it through coloured waxes or through lightening &  mixing it with one of our whites to create endless shades to fit in with your home.   

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