Green with Envy with Brooklands Supreme Matt Emulsion

This Friday Night we are sharing this gorgeous photo sent in by Lisa. S in Auckland who has transformed her bedroom wall with Supreme Matt Emulsion Wall paint in Brooklands.

Vintro's Supreme Matt Emulsion is a rich and multi-pigmented luxury wall paint which has an incredible depth of colour that responds to all types of lighting bringing your walls to life adding a beautiful matt luxurious look and feel to your walls and space, and is also supremely functional as it's also wipeable and durable. 

Changing the colour of your walls can have a huge impact on your interior spaces, in that it can really set the mood and style for your room as well as making a bespoke statement for your space and in this example, it shows that the bold choices do pay off. 

When using bold colours be brave and visualise your story, defining what you're looking to create. What's the mood? the look and style? and what furnishings, textiles and textures can you bring in to complete and compliment the setting. It's best if elements are strong but work harmoniously to create you cohesive interiors story.

In Lisa's case; Brooklands is a magnificent back drop for her bed, working really well with her floral cushions. The cushions add beautifully with their blue and orange and a hint of green with garden florals and dragonfly's which all pop against the Brooklands, complimenting it and adding a garden/ botanical touch to the look. We can see this all works well with the luscious rich Brooklands which sits well with anything earthy or botanical. The natural woven frames sitting against the walls are another great choice adding a raw, earthy and relaxed element into the room as well as continuing to build upon the botanical luscious green look,  style and theme to the room. It's about decor and furnishings as well, but most definitely the hero here is in the richness and depth of Vintro's, rich and highly pigmented walls paint. Look at the wall colour around the light in the photo and how the  colour responds around this... at the beautiful shadowing around the battens and bevels. There is an amazing depth of colour to Vintro Matt Emulsion that most people don't understand until they use it, it responds and adjust so beautifully to lighting, creating a stunning depth, with subtle nuances of the colour right across the walls uniquely  bringing it to life with light and shadow. 

So whether it's Vintro Deep Saffron, a rich earthy deep orange dressed with natural linens and textiles with a touch of brass and rattan or maybe the Bright Orchid, a rich pink purple in a bedroom with a beautiful floral print bedding , pops of gold or yellow cushions to add a clashing contrast, with brass or gold decor for a touch of sophistication. Dare to go bold and bespoke, whatever bold colour you choose, in Vintro Supreme Matt Emulsion, this rich multi-pigmented paint will always create a beautiful matt, saturated luxurious look and feel to your room.   

Brooklands on the walls works well with: Brass or gold, Crisp Whites, all types of natural wood tones, dark, rich or deep blues, floral prints, indoor plants, woven textures, rattan or cane. 

Selected Supreme Matt Emulsion wall paints are available through our retailers who can also do special orders for you on colours that aren't in store, please call ahead of time to see if they have your colour in stock. If you can't reach a retailer you can also order online through our website with overnight delivery options available 




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