Vintro&Home Front entrance feature wall

What a stunning make-over! Unfortunately there is no before photo for this one, but the original colour was a neutral tone. This stunning feature wall is in the entrance of our client Jacki's home. Jacki completed our Vintro "The blueprint for decorative painting workshop" with her retailer and afterwards was confident to use her new found skills on her entrance wall.

This wall transforms the space and sets the mood for the rest of Jackis home. The entrance way to your home is like an introduction, first impressions count! If your entrance way is feeling drab and lacklustre, a feature wall is a good way to add a spark and life back into your home.

Using Vintro's vibrant as ever Orchid, accompanied by Old Mauve in areas around the perimeter of the wall, Jacki created a textured master piece with depth and mood. Using her Staalmeester brush in circular motions, she started with Orchid. Then added the deeper Old Mauve wax, applying more around the edges and lightly feeding it into the middle blending and merging the two colours. This technique gives you a deep shadowed effect.

Vintro's Multi-pigmented Chalk Paints are perfect for creating a rich, textured feature wall you won't find anywhere else. The Chalk Paint really gives you the creative freedom to manipulate, and explore the textures and colours that best expresses you and your home. Wether it be a flat smooth and simple finish, or a bold bright or textural, its all possible with Vintro Chalk Paint.

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