Front Door Makeover in Esmeralde

We love this Front door before and after sent in by customer  Nayth L in Torbay Auckland. Nayth got in touch with the team here at The Artisan Company where we discussed colours, and finishes for her front door and the products most suitable for the look and finish she was after. With it being her first time using Vintro Paints, we also talked her through the techniques and provided the  tools she would need to make the job easy. The paints were ordered and sent and we love the results and the feedback she has sent in. 

"Love love love the colour. Many thanks for your help with the process!!! We are so proud of our front door!...The brush you suggested was perfect and we still have heaps of that beautiful paint left for future projects".- Nayth L 

We set Nayth up with No Seal Chalk Paint, a creamy self levelling Chalk Paint that dries completely Matt with no lacquer or wax required. No Seal Chalk Paint is a durable indoor/outdoor grade Chalk Paint, and many of our customers have used this paint to transform anything from Kitchens, outdoor furniture to skirtings and bathroom vanities. 

No Seal Chalk Paint generally requires little to no prep but on high gloss surfaces it is recommended that you sand and rough up the surface with 80-100 grit sand paper. In this case it was straight over the existing surface. Nayth purchased a Staalmeester flat synthetic brush series 2023 in size 20 (2 inch) that we recommended for her  to create a beautiful flat finish on her door. Staalmeester brushes are loved around the world by expert painters for it's high performance, high absorbent bristles, allowing for minimal paint wastage, with the bristles designed to beautifully move and easily spread the No Seal Chalk Paint, a rich creamy highly pigmented paint. Staalmeester brushes elevates the painting experience when paired with Vintro and we believe is highly important for a first time painter. Your tools are everything with it comes to painting and the end results. 

With Nayth we also recommended a Matt Lacquer, to provide a subtle sheen to the door. Lifting it from a Chalky Matt finish (that No Seal provides) to a matt finish with a subtle sheen, overall it still holds a matt look, just not as matt as No Seal. It also helps to provide extra durability on the No Seal Chalk Paint finish which is a bonus. Matt lacquer was applied over the dried No Seal Chalk paint, using the same brush (cleaned of course) applying 2 thin coats. We always recommend two thin coats with lacquer as you are bound to miss areas on the first coat, 2 thin coats ensures you cover the entire surface. All of Vintro's Extreme lacquers are outdoor grade, so provides great protection on a project like this where it gets rain and direct sunlight. Vintro lacquers comes in 3 sheen levels, Matt, Satin and Gloss.  

We love Nayth's project, an injection of colour & character on the front door livening up the entrance of her home and a beautiful statement as you walk up to the house, greeted by this rich gorgeous colour. 

Esmeralde is a stunning jewel toned colour, multi-pigmented  with that signature depth of colour that Vintro is so well known for. Here's a little about Esmeralde:

"This fabulous emerald green was notorious in Georgian Britain.  At this time it was known as the ‘deadly’ green as it poisoned it’s users, it was seen as both luxurious and stylish in interiors and fashion.  Of course, our Esmeralde is completely safe!"

Front door projects can be fast and easy, No Seal Chalk Paint takes approx 1 hour to dry in NZ climate. When looking to do your front door, you want to start by looking at your home, at street level and decide on what it is you are wanting to create, something bold to pop against the exterior of your home, create a  statement, maybe using the accent colours that you have inside your home and drawing it out to your front door ie) if you dress your home with navy blue cushions, maybe a navy blue door or it might be that you want something to tone in with the exterior of your home and compliment it. The next decision will be on your sheen level, whether you want a matt, satin or gloss, it's all possible. 

A painted front door can set the tone for your interiors and create great street appeal for your home allowing you to make it bespoke & uniquely yours. It can certainly be a memorable statement when using rich bold colours. The doing part is easy the hardest part to doing a front door makeover is deciding on a colour! 

If you are looking to do a front door project and live close by to one of our experienced retailers pop in store to have a chat and explore the options. To find a retailer click here 

If you don't live near a retailer and can't make it in to see one, don't worry, get in contact with us here at The Artisan Company and on of our experienced team members here  can help guide you, you can find ways to contact us here. 

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