The last week of crafting colours


What an insanely busy week this has been, it's been hard to catch everyone up on all the stuff happening behind the scene as it's all go here. Firstly we do want to thank you all for your supportive messages, via phone, email and social media on  our announcement of our Artisanal Paints and Products coming soon and due to be released end mid-end of October.

It feels so amazing to have that support behind us to create a dream decorative paint system right here based in NZ. Your positive feedback has definitely kept the tank full and the team here fully buzzed as we head closer to "D Day" ; our biggest creative project to date and one that is so very personal.  

This week we are heading into finalising the last of the 67 colours in our Artisanal Colour Palette. Because we know that  for us and our customers it's not just about amazing paint but just as importantly access to amazing colours.

For years we have been manually mixing custom Chalk Paint colours for our customers at our paint bar in retail and for commissioned projects to achieve the right depth, tone and shade and there's been some pretty popular mixes over the years that we've done with customers or that we've shared with you. We've been on the floor long enough to what our most popular requests are, the shades and tones that is often sought after for an interior space by our customers and clients. 

So when it comes to colours for our Artisanal Palette, this is where we step in with our expertise, taking the time to individually craft and tweak every single colour to perfection. It's not just about making a blue or green, it's about creating one with a richness and depth  through complex formula's using multiple rich quality pigments to get a colour that generates an instant reaction and mood. It has you staring at it and noticing it throughout the days as it tones and adjusts to lighting. This to us is great colour. 

That's  this week for us... taking our time to  tweak the last lot of the 67 colours carefully and uniquely formulating them using a process of traditional artistic methods of mixing together whilst also utilising technology. We have the ability to disperse as little as an exact 0.01 of a ml into a colour to create an underlying depth. To put that into perspective it's basically a pin size amount of pigment, so small that if you blink you will miss it going in,  strong rich quality pigments that even this size will make a difference,   this is something that  is beyond the capabilities of any traditional methods or for any of us mere humans to do. These then get brushed out inspected, tested in different lights before deciding to add more or not. It's really not until one of "shrieks or gasps" that we're done. 

As an Example Matriarch which we've completed today (given you a sneek peek of below) holds 9 different pigments within it to create a unique richness and depth in the colour. This is done not just through using our knowledge of colour mixing but through the help of the latest technology to create this level of complexity in our colours. It's like a painting sometimes you need that little bit of something else to make the entire artwork pop and pull together. Having worked with colours, paint and mixing pretty much every day out for over a decade now... this process is the fun part, crafting our artisanal colour palette....

Another sneak peek: Here's a little write up of what you will find on Matriarch when you read our colour chart: 

  1. Matriarch: is a strong complex and  sophisticated no nonsense powerhouse colour, like most Matriarchs it will make its presence known but underneath it all has a warmth and incredible rich depth that leaves you wondering exactly what it is. Our version of an aubergine with a richness and deepness that provides a contemporary twist. Works well with warm or earthy colours. Pair it with Carbon Black and metallics for a contemporary take.  Offset it with yellow tones

    By the end of this week our Artisanal colour palette will be completely tweaked another step closer to release date...:-)  

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