6 simple things you probably haven't thought of that you can paint to make your bathroom "a room" -

Today we have just organised our bathroom here at The Artisan Company which has inspired this blog post today. When moving into a new space or home the bathroom is often the last left to organise, that is certainly the case for us here. It's the last place to make look pretty and although we have been in this space for weeks, it's only now we've started to organise the room fully. It's the room where you can easily close the door and forget about it really,  but it's also the room that takes the least effort to transform through a paint finish, often using little paint, a small room that you can complete with Vintro in a day when it comes to painting the walls, floors, vanity etc. Although today we're not talking about painting the room, but more on items you can you probably have lying around that you probably haven't thought about that you can paint and utilise for the bathroom. Painted pieces and decor can really help  to  remove the sterile nature of a bathroom, add life, colour, depth and character to it. 

Hutch Dressers 
So let's start with this piece, currently sitting proud in The Artisan Company bathroom, originally a dark mahogany hutch dresser, now turned into a bathroom piece to hold toilet paper, towels, cleaners  & display our guest soaps and hand creams. If you have space in your bathroom, a beautiful painted hutch dresser could just be the perfect wow piece to set the style and mood and make it a little grand & bespoke. This one has been  Painted in a textured Pebble, dark waxed and then coloured waxes in Crystal & Stone breaker. It sits against our concrete wall in the bathroom and helps to add some warmth into the space but also a beautiful textured and rustic touch which pairs beautifully with the surrounding concrete walls.  Get the look by painting your bathroom walls in Concrete effect paint and then transform that dark mahogany hutch dresser into a wow piece for your bathroom. Contrast or break the piece up by painting the internal shelves a different colour. 

If  you're after a fresher look, here's one done we did in Crystal No Seal Chalk Paint, with Tower Bridge on the inside, a pale grey to break it up a little with a little Vintro Silver on the wood work on the glass doors. There are many of these vintage dressers around in different styles, try to find one  where there is not much depth to the piece making it an easy piece to slot into bathroom or  ensuite. 

Vintage or Antique Pot Stands
Oh the Pot Stand, such a great vintage find and these really do come in all shapes and sizes and they slot perfectly into the corner of a bathroom, they often don't take much space and are great for creating height in a room, place a simple potted plant on top to add greenery and  life to the bathroom or a large floral arrangement for that touch of drama. 

Get the look, nice and fresh in Aurora Chalk paint ( a blue grey)  with Stone breaker coloured wax

or keep it modern and chic and paint it in Victorian Black 


 Or  rich and luxurious, paint it in French Navy with Victorian Black wax with a dusting of Christabelle wax. Also great for adding a nice Large candle for those relaxing bath nights. 

Odd Stools or Occassional tables 

Keep those odd occasional tables and stools, they are great for holding and stacking up rolled up towels, books or magazines in the bathroom or for holding a bunch of candles near the bath. Photo above is painted in French Navy with Georgian Sky coloured wax with the top decoupaged using paper, placed and sealed with Vintro Lacquer (outdoor grade lacquer, great for a wet area). 
Photo below shows a textured and rustic paint finish on what use to be a small tired stool in cloudburst then a Victorian Black coloured wax 

Half Round Tables
This ones been painted in Sage No Seal Chalk paint, and we  love half rounds, they are one of the most versatile pieces in an interior space. You can place them in so many places and yes including the bathroom. A great space saver that takes little room and whether it's decor you will place on it, towels or guest soaps, it can instantly help to make bathroom "a room"

Small Tea Trolleys 
Another great piece if your bathroom has the space, basically works as a little hall table for the room, roll up your towels and stack them underneath, plenty of space on the top for a vase, greenery, soaps, and magazines (we're talking a full story and setting). Roll it over closer to the bath tub, for making that glass & bottle of wine within easy reach while you soak.  Paint it in Tower Bridge No Seal Chalk Paint for a beautiful fresh pale grey smooth finish, No Seal Chalk Paint is also an outdoor grade paint making it ideal for wet areas. 

Vintage Chairs
and lastly those old vintage wooden chairs! quaint and cute, great for smaller bathrooms  and a great piece to inject a bold pop of colour onto,  thus also into your bathroom. Stack your soaps in a bowl, or arrange your soap dispenser,  potted plant, magazines whatever you want, hang your hand towel on the back rest or 2 if you have one similar to the one below. Next time you spot a wooden vintage chair, paint it up in Vintro, use a sash brush to make the job easy, and create an eclectic characterful setting. If you like the one below paint it in Sunflower Yellow and age it with plenty of dark wax and then steel wool to highlight.   

Whatever the project, you can quickly add colour and transform with No Sanding or Priming just paint and get creative! 

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