Textured Stencilling with Artisan Stone Effects: Creating Artwork with it, but there is so much more you can do when it comes to Artisan Stone Stencilling (video included)

You've reached this page because you want to find out more about stone stencilling.... Artisan stone effects is a brilliant artisanal paint proudly made in NZ for all types of stone effects from walls, decor to furniture for both indoor and outdoor projects see  Video Guide. But It also has the ability for you to create beautiful stone stencilling on pretty much any surface, we're getting super creative with it;  take  a quick look the video below where I decided to do some Artisan Stone Stencilling as artwork for the home and then scroll down for more inspiration on different ways to use this, pics, photos and details.

Now that you've watched the video of me turning a plain piece of custom wood into a piece of artwork for my home. Let's just take a moment to mull over what this could really mean....

  • Have a plain pot? add a stone stencil over it before you paint it, or do it in stone then layer a stencil over it as as well
  • As shown in the video,  create some lovely artwork using this technique on a plain piece of wood for your home in the colours of your home, we all know finding Artwork in the colours that you are after is often like finding a needle in a haystack. Add some 3M Velcro to the back of it and hang it proudly 
  • Have a plain piece of furniture and wanting to add a wow effect, stone stencil  the entire piece or just on the draw fronts 
  • Doing a stone effect wall and want to add add some carved stone detailing to it? stone stencil it as well 
  • Cant find a moulding to suit the size or shape of something?  do some stone stencilling

When you know it adheres to pretty much any surface, and once you start thinking about it there are endless ways to incorporate this into your Artisan paint projects to add that special bespoke touch. What I love about a stone stencil is that you don't neccesarily have to be perfect with it and in fact the beauty lies in the imperfections. Use your Artisan Stone Effects spreader to do the job it has a lovely flex to it and makes it easy to flex and push it through a stencil keeping it simple. If you find a stencil you love, use it and repeat it or one of my favourite things I love doing is using a few details from different stencils, overlaying it to create my own unique design keeping it bespoke as shown in the video. Which ever way you go about it, the best way to describe this technique is that it's instantly gratifying, exciting and loads of fun as you go through the process. 

Create a feature piece with Stone Stencilling:   

Before: A wardrobe which was nice but quite blocky, we wanted to add a bit of wow factor to it and with it having lots of flat surfaces it was the ideal candidate for a bit of textured stencilling to turn it into a feature. 

Tip: When doing an Artisan Stone stencil on something like this;  always stencil working with gravity. With the wardrobe we sat it on its back to stencil the entire front and then sat it on its side to stencil one side, flipped it over to the other side. Make life easy and work with gravity :-)  

Some textured stencilling on this wardrobe had tremendous impact on what otherwise was a pretty plain piece,  transformed into a beautiful feature piece, soft and whimsical, light and neutral. To re-create this look stencil in Artisan Rustic Rye Stone Effects then paint in Urban Loft Premium Chalk paint followed by a wash of Crisp White and detail in your metallics of choice. 

Work it over flaws and imperfections
Stone stencilling is also a great way to work with any defects or imperfections with older furniture pieces like the top of these drawers, what would have originally been a leather insert that was no longer there, it  left behind just a blank inset panel. 

Textured Stencilling with metallics can give you a bit of pressed metal look and with this project we have turned what was a massive flaw,  into the main detail and feature of the piece. Turning lemons into lemonade :-) 

To Recreate this look, stencil in Artisan Stone Effects, paint in Premium Chalk Paint and finish with Artisan Copper Creme. If you like the aged look add a carbon black or dark wax to add some aged patina to it. 

Artisan Stone Effects with Metallics the perfect pairing

The texture created through stencilling in Artisan Stone effects pairs really well with Artisan Metallics and it's something we really enjoy doing, the texture allows  the light to bounce off it adding further depth to the metallics 

Before: A Coffee table with simple lines but beautifully made with all glass sides that required a special finish to suit the sentimental value it had.  So we used Artisan Stone Effects on this to stencil the bottom tray and Artisan Metallic Cremes and Glazes over the top it . Turning that plain flat base into an absolute feature

Sometimes a bit of stone stencilling might be the solution when you can't find something to detail a plain panel or area with, where you can't find something with the right proportion,  a great way to add detailing to a panel, an outdoor pot,  a small hall table 


 I hope this has helped to inspire and stretch the imagination even further when it comes to the many many ways to use Artisan Stone Effects. For me I am feeling inspired to do stencilled stone feature wall in one of our guest bedrooms, definitely on the list to do, and when I do.. you know I'll be sharing it :-) 


-Dorophya x 


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