Photo Frame Transformation (Step by Step Video Included)

(step by step video included at the bottom of this post ) 

Ahhh Photo frames...often forgotten and seen as insignificant when compared to painted furniture but such great candidates for an Artisan paint finish and the impact can be just as big in a home setting. Just over a year ago not long after we moved into our new home I painted my old  sideboard in Country Mustard (a piece that use to get painted every xmas/ new years at our old place, those who have followed us for a while, you will know what I am referring to :-)  I recorded myself when I painted this and there is a video of this online for those who are interested : Click Here for Sideboard Video I still love my sideboard so for now it stays untouched :-) 

Photo frames before, sitting harshly against the wall and setting, appearing quite blocky.  

I unpacked my "photo frames box" and hung those black frames over the sideboard almost immediately after painting,  you know how you do, when you finish a piece and you just want to dress it with what you have.  

They sat quite harshly against the wall and with the sideboard and the whole setting.  I had every intention of replacing them, but a year later they were still there. In this time I've actually realised just how limited we are here in NZ  when it comes to variety in photo frames. You have your black, white, and bleached wooden frames which seams to be very On-trend at the moment and I've also come to realise that any remotely nice frames are pretty expensive!

before and after, those hidden bevels brought out with Artisan metallics, that smooth manufactured finish given some subtle textures with depth. What use to look be quite blocky has been softened and broken up through this Artisan Paint finish.  

I should have known better, but a year later I've finally decided and  gotten around to painting my frames after not being able to find anything. Painting your photo frames in Artisan Paints gives you a chance to create something exactly the way you imagined; it gives you the freedom to go bright go bold , go soft, go rustic, go moody, go contemporary, go "the right neutral" being able to paint straight over the surface with no prep means you can very quickly and easily transform your frames to go anything you want.

Not limited to just photo frames it can also be the frame around your favourite print or artwork, or mirror. Draw a subtle colour out of the subject or from its surrounding environment  and pull it onto your frame to create something bespoke and cohesive. 

Although "just" photo frames, painting and transforming these in Artisan paints have helped to soften and transform this corner of my home making them work  cohesively with the sideboard, decor and the over all setting. Enhancing and complementing each other.

I love them and they even make the photos look better in the new Artisan Paint finish. Given it only took an hour and a half (max) to do all six frames I have no idea why I waited so long. I suppose when you're busy, sometimes you think it's too much hassle for what its worth. These were old cheap frames from the warehouse, but let me tell you, finally painting them in Artisan paints was so definitely worth it for so many reasons. 

I've recorded the process for you in what I did with my frames, the same technique can be done in any of the 67 Artisan colours to suit and if you prefer the smooth contemporary finish half way through the video, even easier with Artisan Velvet Luxe... watch video below. 

So what are some things I have taken from doing this little project at home?  

1: It's not just about painting old frames but a chance to re-interpret them to suit your home, the freedom to create something unique very quickly with no fuss
2: Unique nice frames suited to your home are hard to find and there is not a lot out there and we don't have to settle for the norm. 
3. It IS worth the hassle, because it really isn't a hassle because as you will see in the video, it's pretty instant and takes very little time to transform frames and  the results can make you absolutely treasure them afterwards.

I have a frame sitting around a piece of artwork with hints of purple in the art and I intend on doing this same technique in Artisan Purple Sash or Maybe Crushed Lavender and when I do I'll add the photo at the bottom of this blog post. I hope this helps to inspire and make you take a second look at those old or new frames at home that have never sat quite right.....and know that it's super easy to make them unique and that even small changes on things like photo frames can have a wonderful impact in your home setting.  

-Dorophya x 

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