Paint Studio Floors : Painting over concrete and doing Artisan washed floors

There was no doubt that these floors needed to be done in the "Paint Studio" we've had it as a storage room for 7 months and previous owners did too, the floor was covered in grime and stains and we added a few more to it whilst painting the walls etc. Its your typical kiwi garage floor 

BEFORE PHOTOS: your typical garage floor; this was me cleaning up before we started hence rubbish sack. 

I love this technique because it's simple but the results looks super complicated, and although I have been able to guide customers in the past on it through talking and little demos. It's great to have been able to record the whole thing and now have it out there.


It's completely changed the space and turned a "garage floor" into a room. Changing floors is a big job when compared to furniture;  but on the whole scheme of things it's made "less big" when you don't have to sand or prime and you are working with products that have a fast dry time, has no odour. You can get it done pretty quickly over 2 days. The actual doing  part doesn't take long the dry times is what will make it spread over two days.  The impact though is huge.

I've always loved painted floors and if I had my way the carpet in our home would have been ripped up long ago and this is a finish that I am reserving not just for the paint studio but in other rooms in the home in the future. Just happens that this room needs it done asap...aka now so we've been able to record it :-) 

Decorative painting with Artisan paints and products  is about the freedom to create spaces....and thats a message that I really want to get across because when you know you can easily transform and create spaces, you get a chance to do something unique and something that reflects you rather than be restricted by just what's available.

We all  know that you can create beautiful pieces of furniture and it's so wonderful for that, but to take it a step further, once you are familiar with how it all works have done a few pieces of furniture and then realise you can create Artisanal finishes using different techniques on pretty much any surface... the door gets flung wide open on all the possibilities of creating spaces and I hope this project shows just that.... 

If you're interested in seeing how this is done there is a  Video now up online, its complimentary, just enter your details and you will get emailed the details to stream it online which, it's a pretty raw footage but it's real and even shows the hurdles as you go through like your pet walking on the floors while it's drying and your finding too many bits of your hair in the floor :-) The finish in my opinion can be done by anyone with a little know how, the secrets out of the bag available for those who are interested to view, learn and do :-) Click on the image below for the link to access the video. Another tick off our list; Paint Studio floors done! 



  • Artisan Company

    Here is the link to the Video @Selma, we will also connect with you directly to see if we can provide further guidance with your floor, we’re sure we can help you come up with a solution with Artisan Paints :-)

  • Selma

    Please send the video link. Also do you have a Help section? I made a right mess of the floors in the scullery and the laundry, with Acrylic paint. Any guidance or direction, much appreciated. Thanks. Selma

  • Joseph Stradwick

    Please send link to video on concrete floor.
    Looks great.

  • Akanksha kargwal

    I would love to get the video :)

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