Guest Room- Bespoke Stencilled Doors

These doors were oddly positioned in the room (as mentioned in the starting point video in our earlier blog), you walk in and straight in front of you there they were, side by side. So we've embraced their position in the room and decided to make them an actual feature in the room. All door frames, doors and window frames were completed in Velvet Luxe first, a super easy paint for colour blocking leaving a beautiful flat matte velvety finish. Take a look at the video on Velvet Luxe: 

Going against the grain with these two, as doors  are often painted to blend in /be muted. In our case, we were going to use their exisiting position to make these loud and proud (but still restful) through decorative painting with Artisan Chalk Paint and we absolutely love them in the space, something different a little bespoke and those doors now have some real purpose when it comes to the aesthetics of the room . 

Take a look below of when we captured the stencilling  :    

Overall we love these doors, they certainly make a statement and really add to the overall look and feel to the  guest room and has turned out to be quite a talking point when we have people over. It's easy to do with a few know hows, and you don't have to be precise, a finish like this works best when your imperfect, and creates  huge visual impact, you can hear me mistakingly calling  the doors , walls many times in the video  lol! but thats because I keep thinking of these as walls as I'm doing this, its a technique that I have done on walls in the past so following the same method you can do some really beautiful feature walls too. The sky is the limit when it comes to overlaying your selection of stencil designs and coming up with a unique design and  colour way to suit your space.

My tip would be get a feel for the colour way you have chosen first by doing it on a board, and if you ever need help with selecting colours, our retailers are available as well as us (details on the contact us page) at least once you've watched this video it makes it easier for us to chat with you as you have already gaged how the whole thing works. 

The framing around the stencil was purchased at Mitre 10 they come in strips and in all types of moulding styles  and all we did was cut it,  paint it in Old Espresso and then in Metallic Creme in Champagne gold, glued and then nailed onto the door with fine nails. 

So a complex looking finish like is pretty simple when you break it down and we have helped many customers achieve this on their walls in the past, and if you do ever decide to give this a go make sure you send us some photos we would love to see! 


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