Coastal Texture: Layering two colours for a weathered look

This Pictagram focusses on a Vintro two colour distressed finish where you layer one colour on top of the another, a great way to incorporate two colours together on a finish. Here you see Morocco and Moonstone finished in a two colour distressed finish perfect for creating  a beachy, weathered effect.  

To achieve this finish apply your preferred base colour (the colour you want peeping through with a Staalmeester pure bristle brush, this brush will allow you to create plenty of texture dragging the paint around in all directions creating as much texture as desired, the more you drag it around the more texture you will create and you want to use Vintro Chalk Paint in full strength. In this pictagram the base colour used was  Dove and Stonebreaker. However you can use any base colour of your choice. Apply 2 coats of the base colour in this manner and leave to dry. 

Once dry you are ready to apply your final top colour. It is important you water down your second coat so that there is only a thin layer of paint over your base colour which will make it easy for you to distress later on. 

Water down your paint by 30-40%, it should be runny and light. Then brush over your base colour with your watered down paint and leave to dry.

Once dry use 240 grit sandpaper to sand and distress the top colour whilst at the same time exposing your base colour and the texture created through your brushwork, the more you sand the more distressed, weathered and aged it will look, and because you watered down your paint, this process should be easy, where you can simply shave off the top coat with your sand paper in the areas that you choose to expose the initial colour and the texture you created with brush work. Then seal  either with a clear wax. 

Its as simple as that!

Get in touch or visit your Vintro Retailer  for a demo of a two colour distressed finish  click here to find your Retailer or choose your two colours to complete this finish by exploring all the Vintro colours by clicking here