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When we designed our paints we already knew how we wanted our paints to feel and flow off the brush, how it should move, react, settle and dry… every aspect and detail of our paints have been engineered and designed from the ground up to perform precisely how we want it to.  Based on our journey and experience in decorative painting we wanted to pull in everything we have loved about paints, and everything we had ever wished for. From humble beginnings starting in an Auckland Garage, to  building a name and reputation for creating artististic bespoke hand painted effects &  finishes for high value commissioned paint projects.  It’s all in our  name;  a company created by Artisans and born out of our love for decorative painting and  passion for creating bespoke interiors, it’s not your usual paint manufacturers story, this one starts with us being Artisans first….
Decorative painting for us is all about having the freedom to create stunning finishes and having the tools to bring your imagination to life,  to customise, revive or create something that is cohesive, artful and beautifully bespoke for your interior space and this was the message we sent out when we started our creative retail business many years ago.

Over these years we have been well regarded as experts in our field as Artisans with the ability to creatively manipulate and achieve bespoke paint effects on all types of surfaces and projects. Holding the largest portfolio of hand painted finishes in NZ with long waiting lists on high value commissioned projects and an even longer list  for our unique paint workshops. Our paint workshops were carefully designed and curated, simplifying and breaking down our methods  to allow us to translate our world of colour and freedom of painted effects so that anyone could follow with confidence. An amazing adventure, and experience where we met so many wonderful people from all walks of life, developing long lasting creative relationships with some becoming friends over the years.

We ran a large schedule and  training centre  and worked to inspire the thousands who attended our workshops. Many decorative painters hold and guard their techniques close to their hearts  but we found that by openly sharing ours, we gained so much more than we could have imagined in return... our large format store, held a stunning gallery of painted inspiration and examples  for our customers to delve into and explore,  a unique creative retail experience that demonstrated a world of creative possibilities when it came to interiors.  This journey had a lasting and permanent impact on us and is an experience we will always treasure and hold close to our hearts and has  became a part of our Ethos today where we choose to distribute our paints only to independent creative retailers who have a passion for sharing knowledge,  run our workshops regularly and are hands on creating painted inspiration with an  in store “paint bar” for demonstration; we take a lot of pride in supporting small independent businesses who become part of our creative family who in turn hold an extension of our ethos in their stores .

The time we  have spent on commissioned projects, in retail and in running workshops, all of this has really  been  the “groundwork”  behind the unique formulation and the engineering of our Artisanal Paints and Products.

Using traditional methods married  together with NZ’s  leading technology in paint manufacturing. Every aspect has been purposely and thoughtfully designed and engineered from the way our paint  looks and settles in a can to the way it stirs and flows off the brush to the incredible coverage you experience on the first stroke. Using only the finest raw materials and high quality ingredients to create a luxurious  high performing range of Artisanal Paints with a focus on providing our customers the freedom to create bespoke interiors. From Wall Paints, Outdoor paints to our Premium Chalk Paints, waxes and Artisanal products,  this has all been a coming together of creative ideals and people, artistic, technical and scientific brains with a focus on making the best Artisanal paints and products  in the world made right here in NZ.  

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