Painting light/lampshades : details matter, the first little project.. and yes you can.

Here's our first project, painting light/lampshades! My studio is yet to be unpacked, boxes all still around but taking a little break from it all to do these up which have been giving me a little eye tick the last few days, they're from our bedroom so I've had to stare at them for a couple of weeks now, and with a spare hour, I've grabbed the phone put it on a makeshift stand painted them and now sharing. It's a small thing, but it's part of the "detail" and has made a huge difference in the room already. Now metallic shades, I haven't seen any around in the stores or through our design suppliers yet so using the right tools and artisan paints it's a great way to create something completely bespoke. It's been a while since I've run a workshop or done a tutorial video so a bit rusty on that front but if there's one message I want to put out there from this is that even the most unlikely object, decor piece or furniture that you think can't possibly fit into you home, probably can be, a little imagination can go along way and with Artisan Chalk Paint, being able to adhere to pretty much any surface, there's not a lot it can't change and the beauty is you get to re-design it to suit what you're looking to create in terms of look, feel and style of your home, and secondly it doesn't take long to do! Take a look at the Video which is kind of like a full tutorial, remember load and spread thinly with your Staalmeester brush when painting with Chalk Paint, and the spalter brush is the hero here with the Metallic Creme... enjoy! 

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  • Liz Hunter

    This is looking so exciting congratulations. I would love to paint a couple of lampshades where can I get your paint and are you able to match a colour I have in mind?
    Kind regards

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