Tropical Vibes with Mirror Transformation : From White to Bronze

The last few weeks have been heeeectic here in the Artisan House, I don't know why I aways seem to start my sentences with that; but everytime I go to sit down and write a blog that's just truly how it feels.  The paint room has been in overdrive with lots of R & D in the background; I haven't managed to do any painting and our dreams of getting to projects around the home put on the back burner the last few weeks, but this week with a day of downtime (which I extended to a day and half :-) I was itching to get painting and just tuning out to my happy place for a bit.

I  decided on the sideboard and mirror upstairs to do; so much we want to do in this room and there is a vision that both Darrell and I have agreed on, so these  two are the first victims; quick and easy projects that I knew could "slot it in"  and be done during this downtime.  I also realised just how much I was addicted to painting; that first brushstroke, where you've committed to the transformation with a point of no return to that high of feeling like you've accomplished something by the end of it and that awesome feeling of your space being transformed with a new look & energy. If Im not painting lately I've found myself looking things  and actually painting it in my head thinking about colours and textures and what I would do with it... outta control. 

The before video : 

Ok so the good news is,  I did record the Mirror being done which I am sharing today; bad news is  in my excitement to get started I thought I was recording the sideboard being done but the camera stopped not long after it started for some reason and I ended up chatting to myself/you  for an hour, for basically no reason.... technology... so great and also so frustrating at times so pictures of the sideboard will come in the next blog post to show you the two together but no video on that one Im afraid. But for now the Mirror: 

Here's an after photo of the Mirror, more photos will come up on the Artisan Company facebook page soon, this mirror like many metallic finishes is a bit of chameleon so I'll do my best to capture the essence of it in photos later; so just a quick shot today, that banana tree isn't staying; but there will be some greenery paired with it once the sideboard is put back in place; so stay tuned for the styling of this area later : 


Okay and below is  the Video of the how this was achieved, before you watch it though a couple of things I need to mention which isn't shown on this Video: 

1: Artisan Metallic glides were placed on the inside bevel of the mirror in Forgotten gold and Bronzanite, which I  did as an after thought, after I was looking at it in the evening light. This was glided on and done to just pop that inside a bevel a little more

2: Bronze Metallic Glaze was 1 and  1/2 coats. First coat creates a lovely bronze hue over the Old Espresso and at this point looked great but  the 1/2 coat was to make some areas slightly more dense in the bronze allowing different variations of bronze on the mirror. So placing the 1/2 coat just here and there. 

Video: So here's the video;  a little out of context but so you get the idea, this was before we realised the first Video didn't record, The dress is a painting dress that I wore the day before and that's what I was talking about and  basically that's where this Video starts :-) 

We're loving the new/old mirror in this space,  its earthy and luxurious at the same time.  A completely different take on what it was when it was in white, both were great finishes; this isn't just about changing a mirror in a bronze finish but a great example of  how colours and finishes can completely change the look, style, feel and vibe of not just furniture but in things like mirrors too.... and that whether it's white  bronze or maybe hot pink that will make your space, I suppose I want to show that it's all possible... and not difficult to do. Rather than buying new, create the look with what you have... 

Dorophya x 

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