Guest Spare Room- Behind the Scenes Walls in Matte Estate

First up if you haven't seen it let's take a look at the starting point of the Guest/ Spare Bedroom and our thought process of what we're going to do to this room :


The PREP: other than filling in a few holes there's not much else to do, these walls are in okish condition, your average previously painted walls, nice and tidy a few imperfections, holes from picture hangings and the usual orange peel like texture from the walls being rolled. With Matte Estate you can do some remedial work but if your walls are in pretty good knick then just go straight over, no priming or sanding required. and   as you can see in the opening of this video I was super excited to get going, take a look at "The Prep"

 Confession, we were too excited to get started so we did do a couple of walls before we recorded "The Painting" so the following video shows how the crafted Multi-pigmented nature of Matte Estate reacts to light and shadow on the walls, captured in the early morning Bay Of Island sunshine, but don't worry we have recorded The actual Painting of it further down for you : 

and here is the painting video, brace yourselves, yes we painted this wall in various directions and watching back there was a lot of talking we've cut some bits because we thought surely you would not want to watch an hour long  video of us brushing paint out on the walls, but we think we've included all the important bits  :-)  : 


This is a few days after painting the walls, it's important to note that you need to leave the paint to settle and really dry and effectively cure. Even 2 hours after painting and the wall is "dry" it will still be "settling" and there will be subtle changes in the colour and finishes as it does this. You can use it and move and place furniture against it gently, just don't go wiping down the walls or knocking it with heavy furniture just yet. We find that leaving the colour to just settle overnight and then looking at it in the morning with fresh eyes is a great way to evaluate the finish and colour.  

So in Summary, Matte Estate Wall Paint is developed as a Luxe DIY Wall paint, it's forgiving... really forgiving, dries incredibly Matte so will help to hide or  diminish minor imperfections and dries with a silky velvety touch that is Matte and Wipeable. Available in all 67 Crafted Artisan colours, complex multi-pigmented crafted colour that reacts beautifully to light and shadow creating subtle nuances across the walls that really just brings them to life in a big way. The Video shows a hand brushed finished and how this style of painting will still end with a beautiful flat finish, a hand painted finish will show subtle movement across the walls when you look at it super close and tilt your head to one side but as a whole the colour shadows and highlights itself beautifully when done like this, it's not to say that you can't roll it. Darker colours or neutrals like Carbon Black or Ocean Trench, Starling will show movement a little more, so often will the really dark colours we will roll it out if we are after a "flat" finish, but in some instances we will still brush it out if we are after a little movement and life. Matte Estate we think is the perfect paint for those who want to do up an existing wall and want it to be fast and quick and a paint that is easy to use and transform even for those who have never painted a wall before, with a end finish that looks refined luxurious and polished.   

Next up we'll be showing you the doors and trims being painted that's a quick one followed by the painted wood effect on the beam and stencilling the doors! The fun stuff - Stay tuned for the next blog entry 

BONUS CLIP : we did this extra Video for our facebook post tonight :-)  

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