PAINT STUDIO SET UP : Before we get into it, have a plan and be open to adjust as you go

It's time, 7 months into our new home now and I've decided to finally set up a home paint studio. This space was used as a bit of a storage space up until now, we've recently completed an additional shed on the property so we've been able to clear this room out and I've eyed it and had first dibs :-) for it to be my Paint Studio. I've refused to set up anywhere else because this is a space that's connected to the house, it gives me a chance to be able to create a complete studio just for me and be close to my daughter when she's home from school or at home during the holidays if I'm pottering around with colour. I also want to share this space with her for arts and crafts. Thinking back I've never really had my very own studio before. My paint studios have always been in a commercial/retail environment and I've always shared it with customers and my team along the way, although once upon a time I did use to work in the garage on my own alongside all the gardening tools, the stand up paddle board, bikes and boxes of the unknown, you know, all the things you find in the garage, that doesn't count in my books. So actually this is pretty EXCITING FOR ME. 

Previous status; it's pretty dark and dull and quite typical of your kiwi garage with stains all over the floors, terrible plywood boards up as walls. To start I did a few mood boards roughly planning out some colours and finishes Im going to use in here, I have it pictured all in my head but it's good to let people know what you are thinking right?. Mood boards are a great way to plan things out and set a loose scope of what you're going to do with a room. But with colours, finishes and decorative painting in general there's an element you can guess but not always predict and that's lighting; once the feature elements are in place there's usually a few  adjustments made as you go,  but if you have a plan laid out and  there's a clear direction; tweaking and adjusting "becomes decisive"  eg) The feature wall was the main thing in this room and everything was really going to revolve around this,  as I was doing the walls I loved the hue of firefly in the space  so I made it a bit stronger than intended balanced with purple sash and berry nude with lashings of dark wax on top of the original plan,  I loved the wall so much  I didn't want to take too much away from it, so ended up NOT stencilling the steps but I did still incorporate metallics into it which you will see in a different blog post. I suppose the motto here is, have a well thought out plan but be open minded and willing to adjust as you go, a lesson in decorative painting and also life in general.... 



Another board, not as many changes on this but there was a change, here's the original board 

I swapped out Wild Tusk for Dor Greige  the same colour I used on the steps;  I wanted to continue this down on the concrete floors as a base. Instead of Satin I also replaced with Matte lacquer, mainly because I loved the matte look on the floors after I had finishing washing it and wanted to keep it that way, and secondly an additional thought that I would love to use the floors as a backdrop for photos, therefore I didn't want a sheen on it if I was also going to be using it for photographs as well. 

What I actually ended up doing 

I've always loved the idea of a white on white studio something that would never attempt in a commercial /retail environment so I've never set one up like that ever, but given this Paint Studio will be mine and mine alone, I going to do it... why not? but it wouldn't be my studio if there wasn't a pop of colour and a bit of rustic thrown it so the feature wall is going to be just that; a whole lot of colour and a whole lot of rustic it's a mix of modern contemporary balanced with rustic,  right up my alley. So now you have a rough idea of what the original plan was and how it came about keep an eye on the blog as I run you through different areas of the paint studio that's been done, the before and afters and where I can I will try to  video what I'm doing :-) 

Here's a little peek: how great do the walls look in Beluga Matte Estate, instant brightness and an instant lift. 

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